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Soon rounding the corner.

End of a great music year. Hope next year will be like this.

Warm music at the midwinter

20141227_1 (244K)

Meeting at HappyK. Nice play in the cold winter. Old good stoff, and something new, like, Utterpolskan,Gammelvänster, Karlholmsvalsen, and Dekkens Storpolskan

20141227_2 (415K)

Aldo and Stardust

Guldkatt at Sandelska

20141226 (316K)

A day for amusing people with folkmusic, and bring som warm feeling in the winter. Guldkatt drove to Sandelska, for the third time, and almost everyone at the old peoples home was ready to listen. They missed the half past three coffee with three minutes, because of us, but we hope that wont be any harm.

Happy Christmas!

sonic-jul (507K) .

She is here!

20141218 (297K) And there she come. Guild ......I call her ”RosaLee,” after my grandmothers favourite cowe. One day of tuning and now its just amazing to play melodies. This is probably not a guitar to have on nightsessions in Bingsjö and risk to injury this beauty. It will be indoor-play for a while, and Greger and Curre will be at the more ruffy sessions.

20141218_1 (93K)

Grandmother, Dorotea, with the favourite-cow, Rosalia.

Final for musical-community-school.

Time for music-class to show the parents and relatives what they have learned this term. Princess playing ”Sensommarvals” and it remind us to dream of the lovely summer. The master, Sonja Sahlström, give some support with a second tune.
There was several more numbers with, viola, piano, guitar, but only one nyckelharpa. From the left, Princess , Engla (pianoplayer), and Sigrid.

The Mass

20141214 (302K)

Sunday morning. A few degrees below zero. Sun is here, at last. Take a long trip with Sonic and almost missed the start with playcottage. Appeard just a few minutes before start. Have not time to install the amplifier. Pity, but the sound in the church could make special-effects and be bewilded with eletrical instruments. The audience told us the they were satisfied with the sound.

20141213 (218K)

Melting in the sun


In the middle of the day, mother and I went to playing-cottage. Tomorrow its time for us to play at the mass. Confidently play with MrG, Stardust and the black grouse scientist. And Meg is just great. In one tune, she stop us.
” Stop, wait for a second! In this tune you play C and C# at the same time. What is the right tune?” And we have to play it once again, and agree with C sharp. Just lovely to have a great teamleader with golden ears.

Waiting for a new member.

20141210 (141K)

December-light like a wet black t-shirt. But a shining star is coming to Guldkatt in a couple of days. One more 12-string guitar. Guitarplayers are a bit strange. We cant just have one instrument.

Final Goose

20141211 (259K)

Final session for this term. Happy players testing the tunes like, Urmarsch, Baconwaltz, Building (byggnan) for this season and planning for next year.

Mingeling Christmas-party

University Animal Hospital (UDS) in Uppsala with over hundreds employees have a christmasparty at the restaurant ”Gallan”. Guldkatt mingelplayed. Badger is still waiting for a new guitar, and the capo is caputt. Tempoary fixed by the brilliant engineer, Fastreel. Well, the mingel-play was good, and we had a good session, and ended just in time for traditional christamastablefood. Thank you Annika for great laughter and quicklook at the new appartement

Fastreel surrounded by Rolands.

Chords in the morning

20141204 (203K)

Morning at the Ironbridge, Uppsala. Waiting for the sun to rise. Have not seen it since beginning of October. The dark has been compact for so long.

Playing at the Thing with Stardust.

20141127 (321K)

Nice play with Stardust at the Thing, (district-court) Lot of listeners, and various tunes. Ludde i sekken made some tears to the audience. Princess unfortunaly sick at the last moment, and she could not play.


20141120 (364K)

Crawling with tired body and mental short circuit to session with the Goose. Music is life, thats for sure.

Middle of the week

Wednesday, Nowember 19th, 2014 20141119_1 (140K)

Nightvision all hours this time of season. Testing some new tunes close the stove.

Mårten Gås

20141113 (189K)
Photo: PlayingLovice
Guldkatt driving to Björklinge and play some tunes at the traditional Mårten Gås-party. Watch this clip of Hälleforsnäsarn at Youtube.

Session with Stardust

20141108 (229K)

Guldkatt visiting Stardust, for rehearsel. She is the master of second-tunes, and have a short listening start with a new tunes before producing.


20141107 (181K)

Looking further.Testing new tunes at friday night.


20141102 (199K)

Dont put the hammer on your fingers! Quiet dangerous to handle that kind of tool. Testing some appalachian style in the evening, and waiting for Fastreel to come home.


okt2014_13 (237K)

More pictures at spelmansstämmor 2014.


20141011 (210K)

It is Tobo-time next thursday for the play-cottage. Unfortunality I cant be there. But to play at the rehearsel is pretty cool. Lot of people today. Sending a small warning to organizers at thursday. -You have to make a lot of sandwiches!


20141010 (131K)

Sunset-friday. Timeless evening, surrounding the neighbourhood. Traditional time, with a Bellman-beer, and some tunes we want to play. Ending the night with Mystery man. Sunset-friday. Timeless evening, surrounding

I the middle of autumn.

20141004 (183K)

One week of warm and sunny holiday at the mediterrainian sea. Not a single tune until today at Björk. Playing for two hours at Hawkeye. And all of us had forget to bring the tuner. Trying the phone-tuner, but it was not good enough.

Bagman/Badger in the harvest-feast at Wiks castle.

20140921_1 (104K)

Badger and Bagman titulate as players from the settled country. Two good sessions at the cafe, and free coffee. Lot of people listen, and asking about bagmans instrument.

Inplaying Parkway no9

Metromonas new place has to be inplayed. SävjaFolk, Marja, and Eva give a helping hand for that. Tunes from different part of the country, and famous on various epoques. Sandwichtart and folkmusic is a good combination. Torsåkers gånglåt has to be played and not to be forget.

Sonic is following with me. He cant be at home for so long time and the dog is a part of the family, and should be near the master. Well, the first impression was not so cool.


20140915 (48K)

Long time no see. Three years ago since we have a session together, the Bagman and I. Well last year we played two tunes at Uplands Nation, but you cant count that short meeting for a session. Moving dust from old tunes, and we both realize the chords and arrangement.

Night of Culture.

kulturnatt (78K)

Boiling town. Music, dance, performance, everywhere. Endes playing at St Eriks torg. Bysskalle 39, Erlandssons G-moll polska, Korntorkan....Great tunes. Natural smokemachine from the kebab-store, next to the stage. Princess emphasize Badgers stage-dance. I have to practice more for a better approach on stage. And tie the shoes better. :-) Watch this clip from Youtube. Erlandssons G-mollpolska


20140911 (46K)

Just before the big hurricane at work. Testing some Dufva-tunes. Listen to blugrass to find the right mood. Washing-machine accompanies different. To tired for GooseAnders. Thats a shame. Music is the most important thing for life.Tuesday this week. A glimp of sunshine. Bysskalle 39 with Endes in Tunabackar.


20140904 (48K)

Harvest-time. Planning for some play at Storvreta. Talking about Tallroths schottis, and cant agree the forenamn of the author. Curt, Artur, Ivar?


rabbit (36K)

GåsAndersbygdens spelmanslag starting the play-season. This time at Furuliden, Björklinge. The stable has to be restored because of waterleak. After a weak the spelmanslag starting to find right tunes. And we have to, because of two performance close in the future. The rabbit in the picture has nothing to do with the session, unless one thing. Blekingepolskan replay 3.


vitlok (40K)

Rainy weekend. Listening to Spotify and make some gardening. Testing "songs in july" Happy tune, makes me feel its summer everyday.

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Music.... is life.