Oktoberstämman 2014

Lot of happy people, musicians, audience, dancer and performers. This time it was difficult to find a place to play without not disturbe someone else. Väsen celebrate twenty-five years as a band and have three hours concert for full house. Three good fellows emerged at Friday night from the south, and we have great music for hole weekend.

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The storyteller

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Fastreel and Eve

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Reel bushplay

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O-torgsKaisa is here! This time I was prepared, and have practice the tune from mellangärdet, Junihästen. Last year it was a complete flop. This time the accords, came at the right time.

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Four harmonica-players.

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All kind of instruments are welcome at the spelmansstämma, despite electrical stuff.

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The sunman teaching tunes in the hearing-sale.(hörsal)

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Waiting for Väsen

Sightseeing at Uppsala for the southpeople, and refreshing knowledge for us. Checking the cementery of Carolus Linnæus in the cathedral. This evening a peregrine falcon (Falco Peregrinus) was sitting at the ceiling, watching the doves of town. The picture are from the belfry, Gunillaklockan.

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Nyckelharpor in a row.

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Music.... is life.