GåsAndersträffen 14 Maj 2015

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Free gateau for everyone.

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Goose-cahsier in good mood, and happy if someone will put some money in the box.

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Two girls on the way to celebrate the Goose.

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Dancing in the church! Traditional mass.

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Tensta goes polska

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Marching to the statue.

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New bow just in the for this meeting.

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Jubileumsvalens, and A-dursvalsen

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Relatives in the 4th to 6th generation to the Goose.

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All-play starts.

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GåsAndersbygdens Spelmanslag starting the playlist.

Alpsjö tell stories from the Goose playing for the students in Uppsala. He put the money on the bridge at the way home, and the wind took them into the river. Lucky for him the students took of the clothes and got into the water to catch them.

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Powernap for the fiddle.

Time for Guldkatt.
This time Hälleforsnäsarn,
Mystery Man,
and Ölandsvalsen.

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PO and Eve playing beautiful tunes from Dalarna.

gas2015_18 (157K)

This time a trio. Just forgot the band-name.

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Aldo was here and we play Sörlins schottis.

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Talking music is also fun!

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Late afternoon-play.

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Music.... is life.