Oktoberstämman 2016

oktober_2016_1 (179K)

Beforetune (förstämma) at V-dala nation.
Starting with tunes from Hallo-land (Hälsingland) at the big dancefloor, before the dancers enter.

oktober_2016_12 (145K)

Find a smaller room and starting to play bysskalle in a speed-mood.
Before the evening ends, Secondtuneswitchers, and badger play to dance in the smaller danceroom.

oktober_2016_4 (127K)

The hub of all the escalators taking musicians up and downstairs
in search of the best bushplay.

oktober_2016_3 (195K)

Some will find a little quieter corner with sensitively games.
The sound image in this large room, can be experienced little
messy with so many musicians. At the same time, this is the
fascination with music everywhere.

oktober_2016_5 (70K)

Sometimes the play lifting to new amazing rythms and the players
floating around on little clouds.

oktober_2016_6 (261K)

On top floor we meet friends and having a long session of good old tunes.

oktober_2016_7 (267K)

Just round the corner this players also have a good session.

oktober_2016_8 (127K)

One group of stars on stage. Ahlberg, Ek and Roswall.

oktober_2016_9 (282K)

And here is Tensta!

oktober_2016_2 (153K) oktober_2016_10 (204K)

When darkness falls and we are back, so we end up in a stream of
wonderfully fast polkas. Best game of the year.

oktober_2016_11 (198K)

Stardust and Josephine.

oktober_2016_13 (207K)

Grillby on stage.

oktober_2016_14 (54K)

Yes! I like this!

Music.... is life.