Kalhäll-stämman January 24 2016

Best place in the library!

What a night!

kalhall2016_3 (304K)

Around the childrens table, with books everywhere we found a place to play. The chairs was for little children, but that does not concern us.
Two hours by the theme, tunes we almost forget.

kalhall2016_2 (249K)

Walkover in this lovely tune. Sorry, even forgot the name of it.

kalhall2016_4 (228K)

Finish with runwaltzes!

kalhall2016_5 (194K)

More players in the library.

kalhall2016_1 (223K)

Crowded on the forth floor. Here is the heart of tunes. People come to have a cup of coffee, but stay and play the tunes they knew.

kalhall2016_6 (230K)

It is a narrow road.

kalhall2016_7 (162K)

Loftahammar, Eklunda, and of course valleytunes.

kalhall2016_8 (141K)

Obligatory stop at second floor. Harmonicas, all over the places. And dancesession at the dancefloor.

kalhall2016_9 (158K)


kalhall2016_10 (165K)

Vi spelar dragspel på riktigt, för det är viktigt!

kalhall2016_11 (222K)

Tierps Låtverkstad. Great final-tune from moldavia.

kalhall2016_12 (147K)

And after that, P-O and Eve. secondtunes-masters.

kalhall2016_13 (158K)

As usual snow when the time is to go home.

Music.... is life.