Blog 2016

Mushroom finaly.

Common inkcap mushroom,
Coprinopsis atramentaria
in the dungheap in the last days of the year.
The warmest place in the plot, where the blackbirds
happy to settle on the biggest bird feeder,
with worms and insects.The inherent power
of the fantastic nature show their ingenuity

Birdsong along two partners

20161226 (184K)

Boxingday.Canceled folkmusic, but birdsong in the trees.

Drawing dawn dam right

20161218 (203K)

It's damn cold, but the instruments still feel comfortable in the cool playpalace.

Last session

20161210 (183K)

One of the last sessions upstairs the missionchurch.
And tomorrow it´s time for the audience to hear us at the
morning service.
(it was a nice play. Nearly half of the players showed up.
But why have I always forgot to bring the amplifier?)

Meg, is one of my absolute best teacher when it comes
to music. She has an ear that hears all voices, arrangements and fix with gentle hand when it gets a bit of dissonance.
We are not professional musicians, far from it,
but Meg makes us connect beautifully together.


20161112 (152K)

This time is Erika-time and we play tunes from all the past years in playcottage.

Feel-ten Goose

20161111_1 (185K)

Feel-ten Goose. In swedish Mårten Gås. Nice party in nowember, when the sun is far away.

20161111 (193K)

Mini-concert from the north-uppland.

Samspelsmedalj 2016

samspelsmedalj_2016_10 (185K)

More pictures at "Samspelsmedalj 2016"

Oktoberstämman 2016

20161029 (295K)

And here it is. The day "D" Oktoberstämman at UKK.

More pictures at "Oktoberstämman 2016"

Before Fortuning.

20161023 (259K)

Secondtuneswitchers visiting LittleTibble the weekend before Oktoberstämman
Nice to

Autumn 2016

20161022 (204K)

Autumn 2016

20161020 (137K)

Goosesession.Tonight with new tunes from the Goose such as number fifty-seven.

Autumn 2016

20161008_3 (175K)

The Amazone 60 year! Birthdayparty at Salabacke church. The man, the myth, the tunemaster.

20161008 (214K)

Amazone and Toivo singing Bengt Sändh

20161008_1 (209K)


Autumn 2016

20161006 (77K)

Trainsession at the Goose.

Autumn 2016

20161001 (76K)


ekeby_2016_1 (260K)

To start a new spelmansstämma is a mission, and not so easy.
Cred to the organizers for this evening crammed with dance, learning tunes,
competitions, and good bushplay.

More pictures at "Disponentsvillan 2016"

The Dome.

20160923 (504K)

Visiting Uptown. Visiting?! Living here for almost the hole of my lifte, but not been here so much this year. And this short time in the western part, Onebuying, has open my eyes on a new way for this town. It´s a beautiful city, full of kind people, cosy shops, and the river is floating as a living nerve in the middle.
On the way home so I slip into a second hand shop and find retro CDs and it´s compliment my trip home . Nice to hear in the middle om Gärdebylåten, a lady talking in the middle of the song and also drops a cup of coffee , while the musicians play.


20160919 (109K) 20160919_1 (230K)


Fastreel and Badger = True!

20160917 (281K)

Finest princess . Best violin player. Most loving wife. This is the day when we two
become one. Happy waltzes, number 12, rebuilding the Polish , and many more tunes
come to my heart through you.


20160916 (181K)

Plenty of balls in the air. Wendy, RosaLee, Greger is laying still in their boxes
after the culture-night. To much work, and other thing that have to be arranged for
the weekend. This year we miss the harvest-feast at Wik. Unlucky for us, but hope
we can do it next year.


20160911_2 (151K)

Time again for the culture-party in Uppsala. Crowded in the inner city with all
kind of culture.

20160911 (185K)

Fastreel waiting to entrance the Nation of Upsala.

20160911_1 (177K)

Bagman have a concert and talking about his instrument, and Guldkatt enjoyed later in and we
played four tunes together. Norra Råda, Göran Lång, Seglora, and as a great finish, Grodda.
Just one complain that we did´nt have any extra-number. Well, it is one point with that. It´s
the night of culture, and the listeners have to move for the next performance, and it´s best
when the listeners want to hear more. Then they will come again.


20160904_1 (155K)

Five year since visiting this place. But the tunes are the same, and the fiddlers too.
Some rain in the air put us indoor, and the possibilties to bushplay turned to almost
zero despite some few tunes at the kitchen. Secondtuneswitcher and I played the
Sandwich (brödkakan) and Polish sister (systerpolskan) on stage.

20160904 (169K)

In the evening Secondtuneswitcher came for a rehearsel. We are going
to play at Ekeby together in late September. Actually the first time we
play like this, and what a sound! This is going to be great


Eldery music-style

Listen to old tapes from old men playing tunes, like Nylands, Åltomta bromarsch,
Laggafarfars bodapolska etc. Not the same as playing today. Some tunes is hard to
hear the phrases from the same tune nowadays. Thats funny how often you can hear
"thats not the right tune in this melody",
from alkind of people with the specific authority. They usually have explanations as.
"I have met the man who wrote the tune, and he played exactly like this, or.. listen to
the youtube-clip with the famous fiddle. She play exactly like this".
My own conclusion is that a folkmusician always play the right tunes, just in the
moment when he/she plays it.


When the leaf turning in to beautiful colors and bird migration starts with
geese and cranes in several flocks nearby. Bagman coming, and we have
a rehearsel for the night of culture. Three tunes to play. Maybe four. Nice
arrangement. You can hear the sound of the fiddle warm and gentle and
the bass tunes from the guitar.

Play in the Kings garden at the big city.

20160828 (234K)

More pictures at "Kungsträdgården"

The heat is on.

What´s happening? Warmer then summer. Like a wet-warm-blanket outdoors.
Searching date of old play-meets. Nice to remember by the photos. Hard
to find the right date in your mind.

Jump over

Hm....Bysskallestämman today, and I jump over it. To long way, and some rain
get me hesitating. It was´nt an easy decision. In fact I will run to every
folk-happening if I could.

Autumn comes

Rain. Windy. Darker. Despite that , I like the autumn , with all the colors and scents.
It's nice to sit indoors and draw up new plans for the semester. Time for work and less
guitar is the disadvantage. A problem to solve. More spotify at work, and why not take
one of my guitars to the desk at the knitting-residence. The goal for this dark period is more
flatpicking. Not an easy thing to speed up the fingers, but I´ll give it a try.

Lohärad spelmansstämma

Small and cosy litte spelmansstämma at the middle of Rose-teams (roslagen)

loharad2016_1 (234K) More pictures at Lohärad spelmansstämma 2016

Stjärnsund folkfestival.

stjarnsund2016_6 (225K) More pictures at Stjärnsundfestivalen 2016


20160803 (219K)

Rehearsel at Bigvreet (storvreta) for coming up danceplay in Valleyland (dalarna).
Things go much better after the coffe-break.


korrö2016_16 (192K) More pictures at Korröfestivalen 2016

Happy hens

20160724 (444K)

Orust-hens likes rocks.

20160724_1 (54K) 20160724_2 (48K) 20160724_3 (48K) 20160724_4 (47K)

Princess of milkyway rocking.


vendel_2016_10 (252K)

More pictures at Vendelstämman 2016

Home and outdoor-music.

Summerevening and the sun is shining on the birches at the neighbors.
The chickens have gone to bed for the evening.
Playing tunes in F-major and recording "Hållnäsvalsen"
Here you can listen on soundcloud.


20160712 (151K)

Evening at LittleTibble. Muscial clouds, in a warm summernight.

Who is playing

20160709 (260K)

Fastreel wondering of the amazing fiddlers name. And after a while she realizes it´s Liz Caroll. The magic fiddler.
Once in Tobo for a couple of years ago playing tunes you disbelieved could play.


indexbingsjo2016 (223K)

More pictures at Bingsjöstämman 2016


20160618 (381K)

Playing with Bagman considering possible play this fall. One new good tune from Seglora.

Gold from heaven.

20160615 (294K)

Gullregn, Laburnum, in afternoon light. Nice to be outside, and have a guitar in the knee. Testing some tune for Bingsjö

Concert at Flottsund

20160612_2 (154K)

Mr G ask his friends for a summerplay in the church of Flottsund. The group is called "MrG with friends". Last time it was only two (MrG and Badger). This time a lot more.

20160612_1 (30K)

Secondtuneswitcher and Badger rocks just before the concert. Photo: Stardust


rimbo_2016_7 (228K)

More pictures at Rimbostämman 2016


20160603 (210K)

Friday afternoon and the sun shine at Uppland. Verdant color and the rooster have a great day, looking for food along the garden with his hens.

At hattrickmans

20160601 (172K)

Hattrickman invite to play in the beginning of summer at Ekeby. Five fiddles and two guitars.


20160522_1 (166K)

Good tunes in Jumkil with Startingssons.

Last session for the season.

20150521 (256K)

Last session for the term. Tattarwaltz is the end-tune.


20160519 (230K)

The road takes new paths.

Scilla Sonic.

20160506 (352K)

Scillan blooming and the birds are singing the praises of the summer coming. Day after Goose-meeting, and the guitar is gently sweeping tunes for ears who listen carefully. Sonic guard the flowers.


gasanderstraffen_2016_1 (140K)

Perfect day for play. More pictures at GåsAndersträffen 2016

King CharleMange.

20160504 (416K)

First time outside the hens-nest. King karl, marching with a confidence mind, and keep the dogs at distance from the pack. Summer has just arrived! From 4 degrees to 20 in one week.

20160504_1 (197K)

20160504_2 (358K)

Two ladies on horse. Fastreel, and Princess.

20160504_4 (266K)

Goose in Tobo.

konsert_1 (272K)

The team.

konsert_2 (110K)

Fly me to the moon.

Roundplay at missionchurch.

20160423 (307K)

Smepelle, bakvända reprisvalsen, gåsvikarn, tärnsjö, daljerk. 60 tunes in two hours. Good roundplay. Vespertinus show up after long absence.

Last trainsession

20160422 (249K)

Last exercise before Tobo. Only Badger in comp-section.


20160417 (95K)

Aythya fuligula. Spring in the air.

New members in the stable

20160416_honor (306K)

Finally they came . Four hens and a rooster. Orust-hens. Quite rare. Only 500 of them. Old genuine swedish.

Play with MrG

Friday evening and driving with speed to Uppsala. Promise long time ago to play this afternoon. MrG with friends from the beginning, MrG, Stardust, Fastreel, and Badger. But at the end only two of us.

Tobo! We are almost ready!

20160414 (203K)

Almost there. Just one more trainsession, and then we come. The comp-session is resting to get in shape. But dont worry. We deliver when the time come.

Play-cottage on tour.

20160409 (298K)

10 strong players at Årstakyrkan, to amuse elder people with folkmusic and allsing. Meet a friend from Bingsjö, and tell her that we still play her tune "kerstins polska". Well at home I have confess for my self. "till mor kerstin" is not a polska.


20160408 (76K)

The big town instead of the Goose.

20160413 (329K)

Work is knocking on the door, and we go to Stockholm in the afternoon, for a new book event, at kungsholmen.


20160328 (259K)

Cozy meeting with fiddle music from the hinterland.


20160327 (119K)

Guldkatt is still alive. Just looking out the window.

Outdoor for the first time of year.

_20160326_113457 (230K)

Coffee, sunshine, and a twelve string guitar. What more could you want? One hour in the sun, and nothing more then new bird arrivals from the south, singing for the warmer time.


20160320 (163K)

Sunday morning, and the tunes rolls like the woopers from the bay of thigh.

Annual meeting

20160319_1 (131K)

Annual meeting for Uplands spelmansförbund

20160319_1 (109K)

Honorary Award to Bosse Larsson and Anders Liljefors.

At the middle

20160315 (107K)

Middle of thinking, and training for better tuning.

Dont put the hacksaw in the left index finger. Artery-punction, and the blood molded


20160311 (191K)

Eveningplay at playpalace.

Time for practice

20160310_1 (316K)

Middle of thinking, and training for better tuning.

Lord of the rings

20160310 (214K)

I have eight treasures.
"Wendy", almost never played these days, but I cant sale her.
"Misse" nylons-queen.
"Levi" The first and only. Once up on the time I lost him at the stone-stairs, and have to fix it at "hermanssons", skolgatan. Have been at television.
"Tangle" You do not play her, you caress the strings.
"Greger" Like a tank in world war two. Has been for several spelmansstämmor. Still going strong.
"Curre" purchased in greymonkhigh, (gråmunkehöga) long time ago.
"Bettan beauty, and Red Chili" long loan outsourced to other music. "Rosalee" The one and only at the moment. Easy to play. ....and now....looking for only one more.

Toby thrills

Looking straight into the camera, full of confidence. Waiting for something to happen.

Still in trainsession

20160303 (125K)

The Goose running for full speed.

Aroundplay and PaulAssfight.

golden-cats-mar16_2 (163K)

Two new tunes on soundcloud.


Saturday walk in the tiny sunbeams along the lake. Some music in the evening. The leisure-research time is at the end and I look at the south areas.

How play the B.L?

20160225_1 (126K)

GåsAnders A-dursvals. One of the most common tunes all over sweden, from the south to the north. Who has the right version? Not an easy question. Folkmusic is in a constant mutation. Several dialects, and even if the same person play it two times it could be different. Thats the allurement with folkmusic.

20160225 (225K)

Still cold nights. The sun warms some in the middle of the day.

Playcottage with Erika

20160220 (187K)

The divinity of playcottage, "Erika" visiting. Two new tunes from Junkas Jonas. Lot of people. Two rows of fiddles. In the front "bushplayauthorman" with his versus-harpa (kontranyckelharpa). Great new visitor with a cittern. He could play "polska från Wik" after just a short listening. Thats not easy.


20160219 (183K)

Friday evening. The favourite chair is occupied with all family-animals. Here is Selma. Cool and confident of the situation. Guldkatt play some tunes to keep up the skills. Some tunes is far away, but with exercise we hits the right in the second verse.

Still winter

20160217_2 (211K)

Places restored.Sitting next to tamborineman as usual. Drawing ideas for Tobo.

20160718 (295K)

Swedish jungle. Plenty of old barnes that need some refreshing. It is quite beautiful with the light red color, turning to woodgreen, by the lichens and moss. But not so useful with a fallen ceiling.

Something in the air.

Winterfeeling. White and blue color interferes and made a beautiful picure whereever you stay and look up. Dogs running in all directions for joy.
Listen to Hommage polonäs. Classical touch.
After that "ten little indians" with Gene Kelly, and "time after time" with Margaret Whiting. She was one of the first in regular television. Black
Smell of apples. Green litte sofa for two.
Memories from the past.

The key

20160212 (79K)

This key has followed me for nine years and meetings with good students. Now its time for change in job and music. Listen to new tunes to find inspiration.


tobo2016_8 (156K)

More pictures at Tobostämman 2016

Last time at the knitting residence.

20160205 (135K)

Typical school in the middle of Sweden.

Weekly Goose.

20160204 (133K)

More people at GooseAnders! Crowded, warm and good mood.


20160203 (85K)

Sun rises at Uppsala.


20160201 (38K)

Some snow and the electricity dissappears for a couple of hours. Playning in the dark.


20160131 (218K)

Strength from the forest.

Irish workshop

For the third time ever I went to UKK to play with the best muscicians from Ireland. This is a great opportunity to learn more of the treasure in Irish music.
First tune to learn was Dawning of the day. And for the first time I try DADGAD-tuning. It suites the music well, and make it easier to get the right sound. When I came home I tried to keep it in that tuning. It was a bit confusing for my brain to play swedish tunes that way. The fingers slipped to often, and I to reverse the tuning to DADGBD.
Usually this kind of workshop has an fiddle-leader. (and last year a flute) but this time it was to guitarplayers. One from Beoga, and one from Solas. Me and one more guitarplayer! Thats a gold workshop. They teached us chords, in DADGAD, Righthand learning in reels, and jigs. Melody-play, and lot of more tips.
Unfortunally I have not the time to see the concerts with them. Well you cant get all.

Visiting the emergency-unit saturday-night, with a friend who have to stich the forehead. Great service at the hospital.


20160128 (260K)

This time the guitarplayers place are in a different place then always. The habit of sitting in the ususal position is strong. But it is good to move sometimes. You here the music different.

Coldsurface (Kalhäll) Best library-play.

kalhall2016_6 (230K)

More pictures at Kalhäll 2016

Goose starts

New start of GåsAndersbygdens spelmän. This term Eve got a new fiddle. The teamleader adores it.
Eve tells that it almost play of it self. You just have to put the fingers gently of it and a once the tunes come thru. Leifs explanation is that it has been in a room with fiddlers for the hole of life, and learned the tunes while hanging on the wall.

20160121_1 (136K)


Dancing out christmas.

Time to take farwell to christmas. This is a tradition since many years. We meet, eating porridge, dancing around the tree, have som coffee, and fishing candy.

20160110_1 (160K)


Dogs and Cats

Semla, and Dexter sitting on a chair, and wandering what the dogs a looking for.
Sonic and Toby watching these litte creatures, like shepards they are. It´s time for evening dinner, and some food could land on the floor.

Some light in the morning.

20160107 (231K)

Pretty cold weather. Powerful high pressure in the north side of the world. Sibirian winds. Good to have cut and dry firewood in the woodshed.


Visting HappyK. This is a good start of the year of folkmusic. Nice play and good old friends. 20160105 (164K)

Lot of snow, and lot of wildpigs is this part of Uppland.

20160105_1 (193K)

The most beautyful christmas-tree. Warm atmosphere. Lerning one new tune from Åland. Listen to Stardust, testing a new tune with interesting chords.

Back to work

20160104 (158K)

First day on work. The angel watching as always from top of the dome.


New year and two more cats for Golden cats. Not in the band, but this are reel cats. Selma and Dexter, arrived from the west side of country to us in the beginning of the year.
And hopefully they will be great ratcatchers. For now they have all eyes on the dogs, Toby and Sonic. The music will come on in a couple of day. Until then some practice of new tunes, never played before.

Music.... is life.