Bingsjö-stämman July 3-7 th 2016

Expectant hunger for the biggest spelmansstämma i Sweden. Bingsjö! :-)
Camp playalot is in place for four good days of ultimate playing with good old friends and some new.
This year sunny wheather but cold winds in the evenings.

bingsjo_2016_2 (180K)

Camp playalot

bingsjo_2016_4 (240K)

Invented to starting up with the startingssons.
Thats a good start. Lovely dinner, good play, and amazing storytelling.

bingsjo_2016_1 (214K)

The master of Frisell-tunes.

bingsjo_2016_3 (270K)

Monday morning. Maybe it is time for breakfast. Just one more tune.

bingsjo_2016_5 (287K)

Three guys in harmony.

bingsjo_2016_6 (219K)

And here is the fourth! :-)

bingsjo_2016_7 (252K)

Church of Bingsjö

bingsjo_2016_8 (203K)

The narrow road to music.

bingsjo_2016_9 (242K)

I guess the horse is gone for a long time.

bingsjo_2016_10 (255K)

Switching instrument is a piece of cake for Brainharpgirl.

bingsjo_2016_11 (210K)

To talk between tunes is important

bingsjo_2016_12 (228K)


bingsjo_2016_13 (188K)

Badger looking for someone.

bingsjo_2016_41 (271K)

And here she is.

bingsjo_2016_14 (326K)

The guard-dogs, Sonic and Toby.

bingsjo_2016_15 (202K)

Careful tuning for the right feeling.

bingsjo_2016_16 (282K)

Forenoon play, with Peter and Eva.

bingsjo_2016_17 (249K)

Secondtuneswitchers and Fastreel.

bingsjo_2016_34 (231K)

More play. In the middle of the day in shadow.

bingsjo_2016_18 (277K)

A bygone era

bingsjo_2016_19 (193K)


bingsjo_2016_20 (316K)

The Birdcherries

bingsjo_2016_21 (239K)


bingsjo_2016_22 (242K)

Swedish culture. Zlatan car.

bingsjo_2016_24 (214K)

Nice afternoon play.

bingsjo_2016_25 (187K)

This section had a really nice sound.

bingsjo_2016_26 (205K)

Play near the dancepalace.

bingsjo_2016_27 (296K)

The best danceplay. With PreAmp and Brainharpharpgirl.

bingsjo_2016_29 (238K)

The center of Bingsjö is not hard to find. Only a few buildings around the church. Here is the place for all kind of musicians passing throw. A happy reunion since last year, and maybe some tunes on the fiddle

bingsjo_2016_28 (244K)

Outdoorplay is outstanding.

bingsjo_2016_32 (192K)

Intensive concentrating.

bingsjo_2016_30 (144K)

More good danceplay.

bingsjo_2016_31 (296K)

The big dance-barn.

bingsjo_2016_43 (181K)

Up-beat tempo.

bingsjo_2016_33 (203K)

Carrying the base.

bingsjo_2016_35 (177K)


bingsjo_2016_39 (150K)

Playcottage rehearsel for danceplay later, in the middle of the night.

bingsjo_2016_40 (322K)

Regrowth. Princess of milkyway and Brainharpdaughter, pick up the instruments and play. Fastreel coaching.

bingsjo_2016_42 (185K)

Isbrytarvalsen, and Isbrytaren. Two good tunes. Jane, Secondtuneswitcher, and Neverendingman.

bingsjo_2016_36 (178K)

Badger have a short break.

bingsjo_2016_37 (111K)

Nightsession with Jane, Lars and Tommy.

bingsjo_2016_38 (145K)

Watch up page number twelve in Korröfestivalens pamphlet. And you will see this man in action.

bingsjo_2016_45 (305K)

It is cold and dark, but the play is going on for more hours.

bingsjo_2016_44 (170K)

Time for bed with the morninglight at east. Bingsjö is magic.

Music.... is life.