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Long trip.

Long walk with dogs in a frozen landscape.


Playing with good old friends, Startingsson, LoT, Angeltune, Bluewing and Secondtuneswitcher. Some tune feel like we have never done anything but played with each other all my life. Enjoyable to be a part of the music. The traditional pie, with samba oelek made us survive until the darkness long ago leaned over Lill-Tibble. Which songs have been most popular this year?
Here we had to think long. Last year it was "Blidström" this year so "Polish from the upper floor" came as a bubbler.


Favourite birds outside. Favourite tunes inside. Both Irish, and Swedish.


The hens wants to go out even though there are minus degrees outside and snow on the ground. Even though there are two different breeds, they live together in a good way in hens way.

Avslutning spelstugan lucia

Julmarknad, och spel med spelstugan.Mycket folk som vanligt på spelet. Idag kom även Brita Börjes, och lärde ut några låtar från Enviken, av Wilhelm Hedlund med flera.

Last session for the term.

Last session for this year in Björklinge.
Today there is butterGoosecake and some late birthday music. There are nice tunes from here, and with a special hug between the tones. And you can not complain about the speed. Fast as the wind.
We are quite privileged to sit at home and choose and wrap between different recordings to find the one that suits you best. Wondering how the old players managed to remember all the tones. One can imagine that some songs were changed a lot.


Forgot my equipment, capo and tuner last saturday and I cant live whitout it many days. Just have to go to the Goose, and I stayed the hole evening.Tonights tune was "knut olas livstycke" A version from Bosse Larsson. Sounds like a Bysskalle.

Mårten Gås.

20181110 (60K)

Traditional Mårten Goose. This time we invited to meet some dancers on the mainfloor.
Well, one brave man show his skills with help from one of the fiddlers. Few people this time.
Could it depends the time of week? 6 pm at saturday is probably not a good time.


20181103 (98K)

Driving on my own to Westerridge (Västerås) and Höstfolk. This is gambling. You dont know
what kind of festival, and if there is some opportunity for great bush-play.
Arriving in the middle of the day and there is no play in the buildning.
Quiet and peaceful mood.Landing in a seminar, where Carina Normansson and Josefina Paulson
speaking about Landin, and Möklinta. Exciting lectures. Meet Friday and I'll have a couple
of hours of good play. Although it's not that far from home, the tonepicture is a bit different here.
But I can not explain in what way.


20181102 (56K)

The wheater this season. Wet whitout rain.


oktoberstamman_2018_1 (116K)

Here we are again! Brainharpgirl, PreAmp, Fastreel, and Badger. More pictures at Oktoberstämman 2018

Rehearsel with hawkeye.

Two hours play in the middle of the week with hawkeye. The October-tune is coming soon. Looking forward to it. We come along with all the tunes we decided to play and lots more.


I did not hear it, but the dogs reacted, and ran barking toward the garden. Fastreel, for a while, was oblivious, when she brought a bouquet of carrots and her left finger caught a crush. Jauli, was also terrified. For a moment, upcoming gigs were in danger, but after a good dinner, it became a nice play.

Board meeting

Visiting GåsAnders for the first time this season. It´s board-meeting, and I stay to play with them after that until the obligatory coffee-break. Could play almost all the tunes, despite the long abscense. Markuspolskan was one of the "new" tunes. It makes me remember Vespertinus in Sävja. We sat in his kitchen in Sävja3, and trained on it. One of the tunes that laid the foundation for my continued guitar-style.

New members.

hen (167K)

Two new members in the flock. Hedvig and Miriam. Wyandotte hens. The rooster gets a new leap and attracts as much as he can. But it does not really impress the new ones. Other hens, think it's a bit unnecessary with two new members, and make life a little bit too bad for Hedvig and Mariam.

Want more.

Rapid time. Everthing is supposed to happen this autumn. Soon octoberstämman, and there is still some problem for the organizers to remember how many of us are going to play? The new band CAMP PLAYaLOT are going to rule the dancefloor. Thats for sure.


20180922 (54K)

Early Morning. Already at 10 o'clock, the game starts in the mission church
with Erika Liljenstolpe / Lindgren. We play old goodies she has learned over the years. (It's starting to be 15 years now)
Today's song is from Järvsö and From-Olle.
Quite difficult, but with Erika as a teacher we can do it easily.
Thanks to her, we are raising the play and it sounds unusually good, even though we are over 30 playing.

Harvest time

20180916 (144K)

Still hot. Perhaps it's the last weekend, with some summer heat.
GoldCat, playing with secondtuneswitcher at the harvest festival, Wik castle. Three thirty minutes session at the cafeteria. Just a small cup of coffee between the music.

20180916_1 (160K)

Still warm wheather.

20180908 (94K)

Still warm wheather, and nice to be outdoors and play some tunes. I love my Tangle.

More guitars?

20180906 (116K)

One more??? Dreaming of a Seagull.


20180902_1 (87K)

A hot summer day, as usual this summer. Take the car to the tuna meeting (tunabergsstämman)to see if it is some good folkmusic. Here I think spelstugan has the hostess, and the moderator has the same ideea, but that's not the case.
Help! Unknown folkmusicians! Only few I knew.
Obligatory, I play in the allspelet, then sneak into the kitchen with two ladies who want to play some tunes. We have two songs before the moderator comes in and asks us to play for the audience. Okey. Lets have a try... We also rehearsel a third tune quickly. "Trio köksbandet"
After our performance the bushplay dies.I packing up. Hear someone play "snake" just when I leave. Too bad I did not stay a little bit. Not many people play this down in Uppland.

Missonchurch with Meg and MrG

20180826 (62K)

This is something I longed for. Clarinet, organ, and guitar. What lovely musicians I can play with. Unfortunately, we're just training once before it's time, but it always sounds good when Meg can join.


20180814 (37K)

Finally! Now i have done it. Read the book that has fainted me so many times. It has occurred in many things I mentioned earlier. But I've never grabbed it before. This summer I took the challange, and I dont regret it. It's a great book.


20180811_1 (101K)

Family reunion in Lohärads bygdegård. We followed the call, to bring our instruments, and played some songs. Nice Vegan-tart for us who prefer a better future.

20180811_2 (27K)

Lennart, the one of twelve chidren from the little cottage in Rörvik.

20180811_3 (35K)



stjarnsund_2018_9 (305K)

More pictures at Stjärnsundfestivalen 2018


korro_2018_10 (283K)

Mer bilder på Korröfestivalen 2018


VENDEL_2018_18 (279K)

Mer bilder på Vendelstämman 2018


bingsjo2018_20 (274K)

Mer bilder på Bingsjöstämman 2018


Härkebergastämman är en av de trevligaste stämmorna i Uppland. Mycket publik som kommer och lyssnar, och goda möjligheter till buskspel. Den trixigaste biten är att få alla att spela rätt repris på Enköpings gånglåt, och det lyckades spelledaren klara med bravur denna soliga dag. Vanligtvis brukar det komma en liten regnskur, men så var inte fallet den här gången. Guldkatt spelade utan nervositet, "midnight on the water, och harrys vals"

harkeberga2018_2 (203K)

Inte så mycket bilder den här gången. Provar en ny kamera som inte lyckas hålla skärpan, eller kan det möjligtvis vara handhavande-fel? :-)

harkeberga2018_1 (176K)

Frida och Wallins kom och buskspelade.

string (153K)

Äntligen så känns det riktigt bra! Under flera år så har jag envist använt mig av Elixir-strängar,
som har lång hållbarhet, och ett klar ljud. För att låta ännu mer så har jag kört med 0,12.
Tröttare och tröttare blev fingrarna och till slut så var det jobbigt för vänsterhanden.
Men inte trodde jag det berodde på strängarna. Snarare att jag spelade för lite.
Jag lämnade tolvorna, och tog till mig 6-an Tangle, som är ljuvlig att spela på.
Nu behövdes nya strängar inför kommande stämmor, och jag knallade in på Enköpings musikbutik,
som är belägen på övervåningen av ett café.
Det första jag hittar är en Seagull-tolva. (ja, jag vet att jag skulle ha strängar, men titta går väl bra?)
Törs inte prova, med risk att jag skulle komma hem med ytterligare en gitarr.
Det börjar bli ganska fullt i spelrummet nu.
De enda strängar som fanns till hands var Ddarrio, 0,10.
Billiga, och faktiskt, jag har inte testat dem någon gång förut på en tolva.
Men här blev jag överraskad. Mycket bra ljud, och lättspelat. Favorit på en gång.
När augusti kommer så går jag dit igen och vem vet....kanske står Seagullen kvar och väntar?

One year!

20180616 (177K)

Stora killen står vid grinden och visar stolt upp sin ettårs-present.


20180610 (115K)

Och bakom rullgardinen avtecknar sig vindruvorna.

Visiting the farm

20180609 (93K)

Finbesök av nyfiken herre.

Light in the tunel

I see the sun from the long corridor in school. It is the end of term, and not many days left when this building is empty, and quiet.

This school was used in 1968, and since then the population has increased and there is over 1200 students in several programs.

To be so long since it was built, the architecture is quite exciting if you raise your eyes a bit. But the corridors are far too long, and the ability to sit down and read in peace and quiet is limited. Plans are being made to build a new school, but probably I will not have the opportunity to work there as these decisions usually take a long time to take.

Strange. For these two years I have not brought any guitar and played at school. There must be a change to the next semester. Music can never be underestimated.


20180524 (162K)

Birthday party in the afternoon sun.

Playpalace with Startingssons, and Secondtuneswitcher

20180519 (173K)

Lovely play-evening with talented musicians. The towards-book (motboken) must only be played. One of the best schottis I know. Simple but brilliant.
This is a good practice for all the pending matches.

Celebrating Hattrickman

20180512 (160K)

Celebrating Hattrickman.
It was supposed to be a traditionally playmeeting, but in the end it was Hattrickmans birthdayparty. Well, could it be better to celebrate someone with good tunes?
HappyK and Torosen in the pictures on top, playing tunes that contagius with smiles and laughing.

Driving home after a couple of hours and continued to play more outside with Fastreel, this lovely warm night. Soon its time for the "big ones", Bingsjöstämman, and Korröfestivalen and we have to prepared.


gasanders_2018_1 (248K)

More pictures at Gåsandersträffen 2018

Travel to town.

20180507 (158K)

A trip to uppsala. Nowadays, it's not as often as I come here. Take a turn along the fyrisån and feel the pulse
of the city this lovely morning when the blackbird is singing in the maple, which has just leafing.

The head on the tree.

20180430 (264K)

Walking with the dogs in the park of Wik, and meet a horsehead on the old tree.


20180429 (217K)

In our heart you are forever. Today some of the relatives meet at the Birdsong (fågelsången) and think of you.

Rake or play?

Sometimes it´s difficult to chose the right thing.
Could not resist Tangle, and try to play some between
the work in the garden.

At last outdoors

Finally a day of warm weather to be able to sit outdoors and play. This winter has been so long with snow from january until now.
There is nothing better than sitting outside and playing. I play for the trees, the bushes, and the neighbors strolling past.
Trying new tunes and listening to nature to find the right one. Robin (Erithracus Rubicula) testing me, but he is to fast for me to follow.
Favourite of tunes for now is "Leaving Friday Harbour". Typical Colage-mood.


20180318 (139K)

A truck is moving next to the stable, and get stuck in the mud. The Goose temporaly stop playing when the chappie knock on the door and ask for an agrimotor nearby. Easy to find because the sawmill was only a few meters from here. Not so easy to get the truck on the track again. The first agrimotor could not fix it, but they have bigger motors, and when the Goose had their aftenoon-the and beginning to start play again the truck was on the right move.

Super-play in Bridge.

20180401 (187K)

Super-play in Bridge! Angeltune, Secondtuneswitcher, Bluewing, and Golden Cats, visiting L&T. A marvellous wiew over the lake from the play-room. Delicious food. Great storys from the father about why we are here just in this place and time. And the tunes moves in a new universe with this excellent players. To bad the night just came to early. Seven hours was like one hours play. Only the fingers convinced me how long we have play.


20180331 (475K)

Plötslig påsk. Här är den! Påskmat och spel väntar. Tar en cykeltur från Säva,
och stannar till nere vid ån. Där ligger ett par gräsänder straxt nedanför fallet
och tittar sig bekymrat omkring när jag stannar för att spana efter strömstaren.

Övar lite på kvällen. Med lite menas. "Oj, nu har vi suttit här en och en halv
timme igen.

Still white farm

20180324 (132K)

Det fortsätter att vara kallt. Nu är vi uppe i fem veckor som kung Bore haft oss i sitt grepp. Spelrummet har varit oanvänt hela vintern. Där är det för kallt för att instrumenten och vi skall trivas.


20180322 (149K)

Och varje vecka så övar vi. Nu har vi letat fram lite menlösen-låtar som inte är så vanliga. En vals har dock toner som känns igen från ett flertal andra låtar. Men så är det ju. Låtar förändras hela tiden i folkmusiken, och det är en del av tjusningen. Vi kan spela lite som vi vill och glädjas åt framförandet. Alla håller nog inte riktigt med mig. Det här är lite som att svära i kyrkan. Traditioner är ju till för att bevaras och då kan man inte spela hur som helst. Frågan är bara vem som spelade vad ifrån början? Vilket är det mest riktiga sättet att spela på?


Mandarinand, en favoritfågel. Fick förmånen att se den redan 1976, utanför Magdeburgskolan i fyrisån. Visste då inte vad det var för något utan fick gå till stadsbiblioteket och leta rätt på en fågelbok, för att artbestämma. Först ett par dagar efteråt kom den med i UNT.
Nu finns den i enköpingsån, och där har den hållit till under lång tid, säger de som är infödda.
Det som fascinerar mest är färgerna.
Pastell-liknande kulörer och allt passar så bra ihop. Gräsandsdraken är också stilig men kan inte på långt när mäta sig med denna viritous. Dock har mandarinandens praktfulla fjäderskrud inget att hämta hos gräsandshonorna. De dissar honom rakt av.



Confusing meeting in Uppsala. Playing with twenty fiddlers, one harmonica,
and one flute. There is something wrong, and I can´t find out what it is.
RosaLee dont respondes like I used to hear her. Bad sound. mellan (26K)
Whats wrong? I took me almost one hour to figuree out. Last weeks I was
playing for the choir with nylon-string and normal tuned guitar. Difficult but
I got thru with it. But need much more practice to get over with this kind of
performance. Otherwise the brain has to think in another way and get
orders to the fingers in the normal way to play. It took over an hour to
figure it out.


20180315 (251K)

Solving marchings, waltzes, polskor, for upcoming concerts.

Some new

badrum (31K)

There is something going on in Little Tibble.


Högmässa i missionskyrkan. Kören, tre flöjter, piano, och lilla jag på gitarr.
Hörs inte så mycket och det kanske är lika bra. Har inte övat tillräckligt mycket. Det var mycket länge sedan jag hade normalstämd gitarr, och hjärnan måste tänka i andra banor.
Men med Megs hjälp så klarar man det mesta. Hon är en fantastisk körledare, som hör när det inte håller och ger oss energi att göra det bästa.

En Donat-polska får replikera körsången. De interfererar med varandra. Likaså en menuett. Menuetten sitter kvar i huvudet hela veckan. Lustigt hur när den klassiska musiken ligger folkmusiken nära, eller tvärtom.

Hursomhelst så ger det här mersmak. Folkmusik kan man plocka in överallt. Det har jag egentligen vetat om sedan länge. Bara att snegla på Hoven Droven så får man nya influenser.
Mersmak ger det i alla fall. Det här är ett sätt att gå vidare, och utvidga vyerna, för att hitta glädjen och samhörigheten. Åtta toner kan göra underverk.


20180224 (176K)

Discusses different lights in the city. Lighting pole, street lighting, traffic lights and more.

20180224_1 (125K)

Playcottage. Despite freesport-week it is more fiddlers then ever.
Good tunes. One new called the 88.

20180224_3 (88K)

And in the evening there will be some more music. Krattschottis is dusted off, and Jennys Brudmarsch
make us long for the summer.

Alla dessa gåsandersvalser valsar runt

20180222 (160K)

Waltzing on in waltzes world Teamleader is healthy from his lumbago, and almost everyone of the Goose is here tonight

Nu även med noter.

20180224_3 (88K)

Exercise with classical school violinist, and piano, for a live concert with choir.
Not quite easy but lucky to have Meg. She hear what I can, and not.

Sporting winter.

20180217 (132K)

Charming weather. Approximatle round zero degrees. No wind, and a little touch of sunshine.
Sporting-week begins! The skis is waiting outside the garage, and the snow enough thick for a trip.
Toby and Sonic like this and running a lot more.


The Goose. Tonight I learned something new. The Birchmarch, is far away
from common tunes in folkmusic. What kind of tunes could be played of everone
in this gengre? Is it only Appleliving,(äppelbo) Fieldvillage,(gärdebylåten)
and Emma on top three?
Is there anyone more?
I think this would be at new project for me to solve out this year.


20180208 (225K)

Hanging with the Goose again. There is lot more space at the springseasons to grab the guitar.

smultrongärdesIda (127K)

SmultrongärdesIda (1886-1962) var en arbetssam, storvuxen och mycket pratsam kvinna som inte drog sig för s.k karlgöra. Hon bodde i Smultrongärde på "andersida" Vendelsjön och spelade både dragspel och fiol. Hon sägs ha haft en fenomenal förmåga att snappa upp låtar på bröllop och andra fester. Här spelar hon tillsammans med sin bror "Skorpstu-Gustav"


20180207 (121K)

One afternoon a piece of paper appeared in the mailbox about playing in Hagby, once a mounth.
I take the chance to go there, it´s not far away from here. About twenty people, mostly not knowing.
More common tunes, and less traditional folk. Why not? It is always nice to learn some new.
A accordion-player told us a story about August Borg. He took the fourth place i the folkmusic-competition
in 1909, with the tune "Valbopolskan" Unfortunelty I missed to record it.
Thats one excuse to visit this place next time.

Fiddlers trap

20180204 (167K)

Training on fiddlers trap. A tune from Väsen.


This spelmansstämma requires two more
things except instruments
1. Indoorshoes.
2. A hanger for clothes.

20180203_3 (48K)

If you have it, just enter and search for a
room with good players. This time we found
an empty room! Just for two tunes for
ourselves. :-)
Tierps Låtverkstad joined us pretty soon.
Nice to meet some younger players.
The leader was a classical-school
and could a lot of secondtunes in
a new shape.

Just before leaving for this time
we have to play some tunes in the
corridor, with best friend, secondtuneswitcher.
In this picture very concentrate people.

A lot of waltzes.

20180201 (200K)

Training new Goose-waltzes. "well, well, well, where is my fiddle" and "I have never been to cinema"
Well thats not the correct name of it. It is "waltz number 57 or number 2." Little boring.
The new names are more funny, and you can sing it.


20180128 (132K)

Pheasant is a clever bird. Making sign in the snow to show the wrong way.

Real winter

Snowy landscape and the fog put the world
into a fantasy universe. It feels like a tune
could appear from the sky in any moment.

And this is what happends. In the warm house
just in front of the fireplace, some new melody
turn up. Folk? Well could be with som imagination

Winterstämma, Järfälla

20180120_1 (229K)

Riktigt varm och god vinterstämma. Fullt med folk och fart på dansgolvet. Dragplåster i år är Hazelius/Hedin. Mycket bättre här i Järfälla än i Kalhäll. Skolor är ju perfekt att ha stämmor i. Det är visserligen hög ljudnivå, men man kan tränga in sig i olika hörn och få vara med om finstämd musik.
I år hamnade vi i en korridor, tillsammans med LoT, och gammelharpor. Det blev en hel del bysskallelåtar under minst ett par timmars tid.
Efter fikat så hittade vi nya spelkompisar med hjälp av secondtuneswitcher och fick en härlig avslutning, med Blidström. Den här inomhusstämman är en höjdare.
Mer bilder hittar du på Järfälla 2018

Tjugunda knut-spel

20180113 (224K)

Björklinge. Bra tryck i spelet, och många som var sugna på att spela så här i mellandagarna.
Viksta har lagt ner och vi i Björklinge har tagit över.


Årets första spel. Färden bär till Hanunda i
norduppland hos HappyK. Härligt spel i varm miljö
och god mat. Vi blandar med nya och gamla låtar.
En julaftonsvals som jag aldrig hört förut var
extra intressant. Ja,var det en vals? Det är så
himla svårt att skilja utvad det är för låtar
när man är koncentrerad på alla toner som kommer.

20180104_3 (75K) 20180104_2 (195K)

New year

20180101 (265K)

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.