Vendelstämman 21 July 2018

. A very hot summer with temperatures above 30 degrees and not a drop of rain, until today. Flash and thunder caused us to miss all the play, but when we arrived Ottarsborg at Vendel, that was the perfect game temperature. It became a lovely evening and afternoon, with new and old playmates.

VENDEL_2018_1 (318K)

Just when we entered the festival area we saw two girls in the bar. Josefine, and Frida.
We packed up our instruments, and then we stayed there almost all the time.
It was such a good play!
So good that we did not come to buy any beer.
"Fastreel and Frida tune up"

VENDEL_2018_2 (345K)

And Josefine, do the same

VENDEL_2018_5 (270K)

Secondtuneswitcher arrives

VENDEL_2018_4 (272K)

Eivor and the eastcoasters.

VENDEL_2018_21 (308K)

At the end of the evening, more and more came. Unusually many players this year..

VENDEL_2018_22 (371K)

The Riverlandboy came from Åland and had a lot of lovely second meetings in the luggage.

VENDEL_2018_6 (128K)

Two very tired playmates took a nap on the bar table.

VENDEL_2018_7 (273K)

But after a few hours of play, we must actually eat a little.
Oh! This year there was no hamburger! Probably canceled due to fire risk.
But the organizers had thought smart, and with a sausage and a little potato salad in the stomach we survived this day too. Took the opportunity to some more photos of all the players who stood here and there in the bushes.

VENDEL_2018_3 (231K)

On the search for more to play with.

VENDEL_2018_8 (256K)

VENDEL_2018_9 (258K)

VENDEL_2018_10 (374K)

VENDEL_2018_12 (260K)

VENDEL_2018_11 (288K)

VENDEL_2018_13 (333K)

VENDEL_2018_15 (223K)

These are not trapped players who are detained These ar some of the kindest, namely "Tensta Spelmanslag".
They playing up to start the dance on the exemplary stylish dancecourse with colored lamps.

VENDEL_2018_16 (265K)

VENDEL_2018_17 (249K)

VENDEL_2018_19 (254K)

VENDEL_2018_20 (184K)

Music.... is life.