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20171225 (133K)

Christmas for the days of three. Visiting and welcome relatives. Weather this year is like nowember.
Learning a new tune between wacthing "need for speed, payback" (princess playing)
Fiddlers trap from Väsen. Not so easy to find out at the first time.
We have to figuered it out the slow way. Patience is the solution for this kind of things.

Darkest day of the year.

20171221 (264K)

Darkest day of the year. The cold weather made fabulous arts at window of the stable.
Like a bunch of flower made by frozen water.

The observer

20171217 (251K)

The deer-observer. Sonic look-out downhill in the forest.


Divine service and the last thing that happens at the playcottage. Here we do not usually be so many, but today it's up ten more. Playing with Me at the helm is safe and beautiful, no matter what piece of music is performed. A more responsive organist I think is not available. The guitar and organ fit well together, and we also have MrG's Clarinet, which will find the second meeting perfect.

Full house at playcottage.

20171209 (224K)

End of the playcottage. Over 40 people this time. It must almost be a record.
Fun that there are so many who want to play. New faces every time.
It's difficult to find a place for everyone.
Erika is here and this time she teaches a walk like she did to her mother.

Avslutning av terminen på GåsAnders.

20171207 (243K)

We are back to the stable again as an exercise room. A bit hot, but pleasant. Saffronbuns at the break. This term has been the full focus on Gåsanders all runwalzes (springvalser).


20171205 (227K)

Clouds over the city an early Tuesday morning. The morning lessons this semester have been nice, and relaxed. What´s necessary to be know about life out in the adulthood? What did you really learn from school?

Cats and dogs.

20171203 (227K)

Cats and dogs enjoy the family's knees, but maybe not so close together .

20171203_1 (148K)

Advents play in the church of Hjälsta, with Angeltune.
We play four songs that we have practiced.
The assemblys shows all chasubles for the audience.

Rehearsel with Angeltune.

Spelträff i jumkil

Nice evening in Jumkil, Uppland, with Startingsson. All kind of differnent styles. Upstairspolska, Motboken, and more. Secondtuneswitcher visted in the beginning, and travelled to a birthdayparty in the south. Bluewing, was trapped on the train to Uppsala. We dont like the railwaysystem. Untrustable railways.


20171121 (290K)

And now winter for a few days!


20171118 (265K)

Meeting at Birdsong (Fågelsången for memorial of Urban "mackan" Mattsson. It´s 30 years since you left us, but still and always in our mind. The picture is from the 70ths in the summer at Rasbo. We are sitting in front of the little holidayhouse , and playing new tunes. This time he had bought a accordion, and I borrowed his guitar. Tricky to play, and the fingers hurts trying to make a good sound, but we made some new tunes.

One of my favourites tunes we played. "Vinterblomma" (snowflower)

Palette of the nature

Nature make the best colors. Perfect well-balanced of tone and saturation.
Maybe that´s the same with the music.
It´s from the music we catch it.
The whistling, the streamforsens brus.
Crackling fire, noisy see-ice
You dont need any filter or photoshop to make good pictures.
The nature fix it itself.The colors melts in to eachother in harmony.
Flowing music is the best


Inspired from the last meeting I planned to take a new shot tonight for some play. Not so many tonight but good play.


Traditional celebration of Mårten Gås. This year, it's a bit more scaled off, and is more like a nice game. We play songs almost exclusively from the area around Björklinge, with the exception of a few songs from the south. The birch is there and I suggest Vikstamarschen when the companion sits right next to me. Unfortunately, he has forgotten it. Recognize the feeling. It's so easy to lose tunes, unless you keep them alive all the time. But it is there somewhere in the cortex. A few tones and then the song comes out. Then also happened tonight. When I´m on the way home, I hear from the stairs that they found it! There is a story about the tune. We played for a wedding in Aspnäs church a few years ago. The entrance music was Östbjörka and the end Vikstamarschen. Both start similarly and Fastreel started with Östbjörka, even the second time but luckily found out after a short while and went to the right track. Well the marrige was very beautyful and the weddingpair happily married.

Still struggling

20171105 (131K)

Working on. When the black night spread our more and more and the forest turn to a black wall. In the short moment when sun visiting among the spruces an anxious meadowclock (ängsklocka) appears. Refused to give up for the fact the cold winds are here to grab her. The young rooster have a tough life for the moment. But to have two roosters in the flock have som good advantage. They are almost kind and considerate, and they know the rules. And there are more eyes to look after the raven which sometimes walks around the farm.

Vi jobbar på. När mörkret breder ut sig mer och mer och skogen blir en svart vägg på kvällarna. Den korta tid som solen bryter fram mellan granriset stretar ännu en ängslig ängsklocka fram. Vägrar att ge upp inför det faktum att frosten snart kommer bitande.
Ungtuppen har också ett hektiskt liv just nu. Men att ha två tuppar i en flock kan också ha sina fördelar. För det mesta är det snälla och omtänksamma, och vet var gränserna går. Dessutom är det fler ögon som kan spana efter räven som brukar dra sina lovar i utkanten av tomten.

And more.

20171029 (235K)

Day after Big October. Playing at home with Princess and brainharp-daughter.


oktober_2017_31 (281K) More pictures at Oktoberstämman 2017


20171027 (80K)20171027_1 (76K)

Friday night. Before-stämma with good old friends. JaneLarsTommy and Secondtunewswithcer.
And from the south, The brainharpgirls.


20171021 (188K)

Harry just learned to smile!


20171015 (119K)

New colors in the nature.


20171010 (110K)

And once more.

20171013 (225K)

Every morning, the light is different. Later and later the sun says hallo.
The darkness time of year is here.


20171011 (98K)

And another morning, looking for the sun just rising up from the horizon.
Is this anything you see in the town. Probably not. The citizens just running
to the bakery to have some fresh bread, if they dont runt to the closest
supermarket, and buy their breakfast.

The Worm and sheeps

20171007 (56K)

20171007_2 (212K)

New mushroom

Discover a new mushroom. "Lemonica oceanis" Common in kitchen saturday afternoons. Have to symbiosis with prawns to multiply itself. Good food mushroom. Taste a bit tart.

The Carpenters

20170923 (299K)

Building things in the stable.

Harvest-party at Wik

20170917_1 (350K)

Music with players from the countryside, nearby Wiks castle.
Well almost all of us is from the neighborhood. We play three times with 15 minutes break between. Mostly tunes from the concert last week, and ofcourse Polska to Wik, composed by Viksta-Lasse.

20170917_3 (198K)

Night of culture Uppsala

20170909 (118K)

Concert on Uplands Nation with Olle Gällmo, P-O Stenryd, and Guldkatt. We have a varied program and several
hours of practice. Applause on the dacapo in the crowded place. Happy event.The weather this year was not the best.
The rain showers surrouended the town. We walked around a bit and then took the bus home quite early.
Happy with the play, and glad we went collectively. Driving in town at night is easy but
searching for parkingplaces, is more difficult, and a long way to go.
Here you can listen to three tunes!
Norra Råda
Pekkos Pers Kärleksvisa

Goose Concert

GåsAndersbygdens spelmanslag have a concert in church of Björklinge. Plenty of people and good play.

Harry Allan Birger

20170826 (164K)

Harry's name-givings-cermonial a warm and sunny day in Sunnersta.
Proud parents and well-behaved Harry and plenty of relatives.
Inspired by Harry Potter, and Irish lullabys Guldkatt made a tune for Harry.

Here you can find the "big naming roll" "Harrys Vals"

Disney time

20170821 (99K)

In the woods,just around the corner, the fallow deers walks.


20170819 (130K)

Harry, the cool man, visiting

Lohärads spelmansstämma

20170812_1 (230K)

The wings of history win over the Roseteam (roslagen) .
The porch i Loskälva stands as a monument on the plain. You can here the music inside,
and in the courtyard there are different constellations amusing the audience.
It's small. Not many players. But cozy. It's glaring in the game, and the rain is
hanging in the air. In a bid we hear some tones as we can and we squeeze in there.
There is Nordwalls. We play Futteri-Petter, and a Bysskalle. The konferencier sticks
in her head, saying, "yes, this sounds beautiful".
Please play now for the audience because the playlist is over. Reluctantly we go to stage, but whitout reahearel it was ok.
Speaking with a newly-born FB friend who knows the Väddö well.
Some tunes in the bush, and then the rain begins to come. Time to go home. Här hittar du lite mer bilder.

Pica Pica

20170810 (399K)

Magpies has a big litter this year. Nice birds,
but a bit noisy. In this morning they find the elder berries just outside the bedroom-window.


20170808 (160K)

Moon of august shining, but only half this night. Work is knocking on the door. Time to put the nose in the books.


gruppbild2 (434K)

Group-picture for the concert in night of culture ready. Our bandname almost there..
Vi practice a lot just for fun. And as a result of that we now have several tune to the repertoar.
Now only one rehearsel on the schedule before the Night.
New tunes and arrangements. Menuettes, and very old Punk.
Bagman is the frame. Fastreel och Secondtuneswitcher make i softer,
follow the melody and make awesome secondtunes, and Badger fills the empty part


korro_2017_37 (219K)

More pictures at Korröfestivalen 2017


vendel_2017_10 (309K)

More pictures at Vendelstämman 2017


20170722 (288K)

Kycklingarna växer mer och mer. Som tur är så
lämnar katterna dom ifred, och de springer omkring
nära sin hönsmamma, och hittar på lite bus. Duktiga
på att flyga redan nu.
Ägg blir det däremot lite sämre med den här perioden.
Återstår att se vilka som är tuppar. Den här filuren
ligger lite risigt till för detta. Tråkigt men sant.

Inför Kulturnatten

20170720 (167K)

På GåsAndersträffen i våras, så träffade vi Bagman, och då bestämde vi att göra något på kulturnatten på Uplands Nation. Ikväll var det övning, och så kände vi lite på arrangemang. Både gamla och nya låtar.Secondtuneswitcher har tidigare spelat med en säckpipeblåsare, så han kunde de flesta låtarna som vi spelat, men även några som var okända för oss.

New nightplace for trip, trap, and troll

20170715 (287K) Hönsen går alltid och lägger sig tidigt på kvällen och ikväll så var plötsligt kycklingarna placerade en halvmeter upp i värpredet. En bedrift att ta sig ända dit upp. Fingrar på en ny dopvals till Harry.

Playoffduty in Racevillage.

20170714 (151K)

Spelning i Rasbo för daglediga och för folk från vigmund. Många som lyssnar, men mest verkar de vilja ha kaffe. Det är annonserat som guldkatt, men snabbt ändrar jag bandnamnet till änglatoner, då det är Jane och jag som spelar.

Some rest

20170712 (155K)

Some rest for my fingers this week. Bingsjö-play was tremedeous this year, and we need som recovery.
Just playing one hour per day. Today rehearsel with Angeltune for gig tomorrow.A new Bysskalle! Nr 17, C-dur.
Driving to Sävjakyrkan in the evening. (thank you event-fb) Väsen-concert and they play tune from the new CD, Brewed. Härligt att lyssna till i en liten lokal med helt akutstiskt, förutom Roger som hade lite förstärkt. Kyrkan nästan full till slut. Inte så mycket spelfolk som man känner.


bingsjo_2017_5 (328K)

Mera bilder på Bingsjöstämman 2017

Dopspel i Hjälsta

20170701 (147K)

Dopspel i Hjälsta, med Angeltune.

Bröllopsspel i Torslund

20170624 (85K) ........20170624_1 (71K)

Hänger med på bröllopsspel i Torslund i Almunge, med the Black groose scientist, and Bosse. Här var låtvalet klart långt innan, med Hellstedts gamla,som ingång, och Mungalåten som utgång. Jag skulle också kompa till Visa i midsommartid i mitten. Allt klappat och klart. För säkerhets skull så tog jag med mig förstärkare. Det var tur, då det kom över 50 gäster, och det hela utspelade sig utomhus. En extralåt (uti vår hage) var också med på programmet, och det hade vi ingen aning om. Tur att det var en lätt låt.

Blixtinkallade på Midsommar

20170623_1 (334K)

We had no schedule planned this day of light, and it was supposed to
be a quiet midsummer with good food and some music here at home.
But at 10 o'clock the phone rings, and at the other end of the phone
it's an unfortunate singer who is attempt to losing her voice and needs help.
We promise to help her and drove to Hammarskog's mansion until two o'clock when
the dance starts, together with Prestos Kapell. Here are a lot of people
The whole courtyard was filled with ring dance.

20170623_2 (126K)

Fastreel preparing for the first tune.


Här är lilla Harry, knappt en vecka gammal.Det är stort att få bli FarFar!

Ljusaste dagarna på året.

20170620 (217K)

Bredbandet ger upphov till nya arter. När grävskopan rör om så dyker det upp frön från djupet,
som legat i dvala länge. Helt plötsligt växer Bolmörten vid vägkanten. Vacker men giftig.

Gille and Nyckelharpsstämman at Österbybruk.

Friday afternoon.
Message from a playmate.
-Are you going to Österbybruk?
-Dont think so. Maybe another year.

Saturday morning.
- Nice weather!
- Shall we take a trip to Österby?
-Why not. Lets go.

And it was a lucky decision. Great play with good old friends. I was some years we visit this place, and nowadays the play was moved the hembygsgården instead of the manor.
More pictures at Gille and Nyckelharpstämman

Terms out

20170601 (112K)

Terms out for the Goose. Celebrating with buttergoosetart.
Great year with many new tunes from this incredible player.

Lightning evening in Hjälsta

20170531 (167K)

Playing with Angeltune for som performance in July. Searching for a new sound.
Trying to find some intros. Not so common with solos in folktunes, but it is
worth a try. With a good keyharper beside some new tunes appears from RosaLee.

Two spelmanstämmor on the same day! Where are all players?

disa_2017 (284K) ekeby_2017 (437K)

More pictures at Disa and Ekebystämman

Release in the cutfarm (skärgården)

20170526 (293K)

CD-release in the archipelago with Anci and Mats Nordwall.
A warm and sunny day trip by taxi boat to Ingmarsö. Fastreel
was lucky enough to sit on the chair where a CD was stuck under
the chair. A nice concert, with a concerted duo. Nice arrangement.
This day we also had the chance to meet cousin Gerd and Klas,
who lives at Ljusterö.


gasanderstraffen_2017_1 (230K)

More pictures at GåsAndersträffen 2017


20170522 (142K)

Almost at home.


More pictures at Knutbystämman 20170521_7 (356K)


To much work this week so the guitar have to lay down in the bag for the moment.

Terms out for playcottage

20170513 (161K)

Terms out of playcottage. Love this sessions.

More and more

20170511 (171K)

Today seventeen at the Goose. Total members scores at 20 people.
New record.Great play. One hour of repeating tunes for concert
in late summer, and one hour just for fun.

More and more

Angeltune, and Secondtuneswitcher at Lill-Tibble. Lovely evening.
New tunes mixed with old goodies.

Noones express

20170507 (260K)

Some dont get any further. You have to struggle and fight to go somewhere.

Summer and all in.

Tonight the Goose.

Birdsong café

20170429 (234K) Meeting relatives at the café Birdsong in Uppsala.
Celebrate a dear 99 years old lady no more with us in life, but in our mind.

Hjälsta Kyrka

I have the great opportunity to play with Jane.
A session in Hjälsta Kyrka. She didn´t want to
play solo, and I said yes at once. It`s an honour
to play with her. The tunes variying in tempo and strenght in every part. You have to concentrate totally. And the result is magic. We started with one of Jane´s tunes and continued with bysskalle, and slängpolskor.

Bohlin at Goose.

20170420 (167K)

New member of the team. The Goose is getting bigger for every year.

Concert with JaneLarsTommy and CD-dropping in Kungsängen

Jane, Lars and Tommy dropping a CD and have a lovely concert at culture-house in Kungsängen.
The CD is called "Luciferdance" after the angel Lucifer who didn´t obey anyone except God. The week after I listen to the music every day and try to learn some of the tunes.
With the CD follow a folder with tunes and CHORDS! This must be the first time ever a fiddler/keyharp folder have something like that. Easy to find the right chords in tricky parts.
Two absolutely favourites on this CD. Tvenningen, and Kronlöparen.

Good old tunes from playcottage.

20170408 (164K)

A morning with Erika at missionchurh. Old tunes and some new.
After this day we play with secontuneswitchers the hole evening.


20170406 (211K)

This term I have been to the Goose almost every thursday. The new runwaltzes sounds better for every session.

Birthday play

20170402 (137K)

Playing for teamleaders wife, at her birthday. Some Goose, and some Toboz.
Trying to stand at the opposite of the bass. And it felt well. I could
hear me better, and follow the rythm more distinct.
In the picture: BlackGrooseScientist, with two sticks, and HappyK.

The day spring arrive.

20170330 (88K)

Fog in the morning. Light from east throw the fog.

One of the best concerts ever. Three Audatory-streams, (sahlströms) playing Goose-tunes. Tremedous feeling in every tune.

New tunes seldom played, but very good. GåsAnders was probably a famous artist in the beginning of 1900.


20170325_1 (177K)

Playcottage, once a month. Nice to here the tunes we have learned for all this years.
And of course, there is some new everytime.
The last tune this session was Apple-living (Äppelbo gånglåt).
We played it three times and it was beautiful. This tune is so easy to destroy because of the common.
And thats the secret about playcottage.
We can make the simple tune (well simple is not the right word for this tune) into magic feeling.

20170325_2 (180K)

Vespertinus with a new fiddle. Five-strings!

20170325_3 (237K)

HappyK and Stardust. Here is something new in this picture. What are stardust playing?

Eye on music

20170323 (30K)2170325_1 (33K)

The cat dexter distinctive stares into the camera. Confidently and without hesitation. The bird, tree sparrow, passer montanus, thinking of the security and move to another place.

Chez Renate

20170319 (201K)

Nice game of Renate today's birthday! Superb bassist, and polkas that you have never heard of. But that doesn´t bother me.It´s nice to hear som new tunes from the hallo and valleyland.

Mahshids Polska

20170304 (73K)
Mahshids Polska

Some coworkers I will never forget. Mahshid is one of them. Then, an
administrator who diligently learned the job and made the workplace
number one. Always with a smile on her lips, but a definite expression
when needed, clearly explained. Absolutely she must have a polska!
Rapid tempo, with a smile.

Bysskalle at Uplandsmuseet.

20170311_1 (168K)

Per-Ulf Allmo holds a lecture about Bysskalle, the pram-pusher,
and keyharpmaster. If eurovision has started at this time, he
probably has won every time. Afterwards we played several tunes
togheter, and the foreigners was surprised.

20170311 (220K)

Living road-barrier on the way home.


20170309_1 (265K)

Annual meeting, but we play also ofcourse.


20170309 (136K)

Enköping's beauty, a Mandarinand (Aix galericulata), floats in the river together with more common Gräsänder (Anas platyrhynchos).


20170302 (73K)

Whoopers in perfect formation. Where are they flying?
What is the next place to land? This mythical bird brought
the soul over to the other side, according to old faith.

Many decades ago it was rare, and it was a highlight when you
saw it. Shining and exciting at the same time. Now it's common
to see them every fall and spring, grazing on newly discovered fields.


20170223 (228K)

The Goose have more runwaltzes. Nr 57 for example. (Just a working name)
The new place for our sessions at thursday night is much better than the stable.


20170221_1 (423K)

Golden Cats glimps to the Noise.

20170221 (196K)

Bison, overfloor-tunes, and the joy returns.


20170219 (440K)

We are playing

20170218 (184K)

Yes we are. If there is a little time over....reach the guitar.

Visiting playcottage.

20170212 (240K)

For the first time playcottage at a thursday!


tobo_2017_10 (176K)

More pictures at Tobostämman

Chilly morning

20170131 (111K)

Chilly morning at Onebuying. Just before a student-test.
Workers on the building. Fog is in the air.


20170125 (235K)


20170122 (155K)

And time stops. As a grain of sand in universum,
our lives fly in the wind. But even grains of sand
do impressions, and memories springing up from the past.

20170122_2 (147K)

Thinking of you mom, and remember my childhood, when we had our
day to ourselves and stayed in bed for a long time and talked. Then
we went skiing down the hill basement. I was completely convinced
that the famous song came from our little hill.

20170122_1 (81K)

Time continues. Will always remember you.

And time stops

20170120 (195K)

Tunes in snow

20170115 (313K)

My thoughts go to mother these days. Sad tunes appears in snow.


20170112 (176K)

Viktsta declines the at twentyday-knot, and then the Goose take
over but the day before. Play at Björklinge.
I stay in a little room and have a good session with two keyharps.

Challenge no 1

20170108 (241K)

Dancing out the christmastree this week. Familiar tunes,
"now is the happy christmas finished"
" The fox is on the ice"
"Little frogs"
"We are all musicians" and so on...

20170107_1 (245K)

Easy tunes, so there is no problem with the chords. The tricky
part is to find the spirit that lift the songs to a higher level.

20170107_2 (203K)

Sonic, and Toby, have no problem with finding the right approach
to the feeling of happiness.

20170107_3 (227K)

They give everything in the moment.


small_1 (12K)

New year and new challenges. We'll see what this year has to offer
when it comes to folk music.Last year I found a new favorites
spelmansstämmor in Roseteams (roslagen) Rhymelivingstämman.
Quite small and restarted again after years in sleep. And one newstart
at Oakvillage in Uppsala.

Favorites of tunes was Friends waltz from Norway.
Playing it in the middle of the night in Korrö, with PreAmp.
Soggys, a Irish tune from Beogas album.
Bysskalle 31, as I heard several years ago in Bingsjö, Toivo
playning in on the keyharp.

One of the unforgetable moments was a day and night in Bingsjö.
with play from the morning to the middle of night, without stop!
Players came and leave all day, and I was there all the time. Lovely
thanks to Fastreel who fix dinner, and give me support. Promiss to
repay this year. <3

This year we also went to Sundsvall, for the second time to play
for silver in the togehter-play. We didn´t reach it this time. Close,
but miss it by some millimeters.

Music.... is life.