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Midvinterstämman 2019

Januari 19th

This is where the folkmusic-year starts, at the midwinter meeting in Järfälla. From the beginning,it was at the people's house in Kalhäll, but it is now knocked down, and in recent years we have been moved to schools nearby. It has been for the better. This year it was Järfälla school and there were quite good opportunities for bushplay. It was best play in the corridor together with Rammsteiners.

We start in "Lars Loge" with fine tuned polskor. Bysskalle 31 gently played, and Väddö bride march twice. It is a very good tune and good arrangement of the archipelago people. We learned it from them several years ago. Not common played unfortunate LoT is in top form, but T does not have time to play so much today because of organizing.

The fascination with spelmansstämmor is that the players are replaced all the time. Someone gets hungry. Someone notice that the songs do not fit the instrument. Someone just wants to come and listen. Sometimes you are almost alone. Sometimes it's so full that you can't hardly play.

..och så fortsätter spelet. Timme för timme.

At the bottom of the corridor, in the school we met people not knowing before. Many accordionists, so I suppose this is the one that had previously been in the people's house, calf pitch, had a separate floor available..

Darkness in the corridors, and the caretakers walked around to try to find what was wrong. Players found other solutions, and was looking for various small lamps to get a little light. You dont need so much light, just using your ears.

Dance is also on the schedule here. Folk costumes are amazingly imaginative in their set of patterns. Too bad we didn't have time to look at their appearance. Incidentally, it seems crowded inside the concert hall.

Secondtuneswitcher find the food-truck outside, and take a shorter break.

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.