Blog 2020


July 1-5th 2020

Then we head south to Skåne. Many miles but it's worth it to meet your
best playmates. The caravan came in handy so that we can have
some distance like this in corona times.

When we arrive, it does not take long before we pic up the instruments and
start playing. PreAmp also shows up in the evening, and it feels like we are
in Bingsjö, but better.<3 If this had been a normal year we have been at the
allspel at Bingjö right now.

PreAmp, Fastreel, BrainHarpdaughter and Brainharpgirl.

The dogs think it's ok in the caravan, but almost more pleased when the garden
was fenced so that they can go loose. And they stayed around our feets as usual
when we start play.

Day two. We are invited to Neverending Man's residence. And here we play all day.
"Blue Goat" is a song that is not really called that, but is very good. It is clear
that it was a long time since I played with others. Recognizes the tunes, but neither
the right nor the left hand wants to find all the notes and rhythms. Compare me with
how it usually is in Bingsjö.

Proud grandfather holds his first grandchild, who of course has been given a waltz by grandfather.

Maybe this princess enjoy us and play in a few years.

Eight hours of playing and good food in different places.

Bagder and Neverendingman line up for the photografer.

The beautiful weather shows up (not a single raindrop) and we take a sightseeing
tour to Mölle, and Kullaberg. We also have time for a detour to Arild.

Probably one of the most popular photoplaces here down to Mölle.
This road is called "italian road" because it passed just at the precipice.

Kullens lighthouse.Oldest in Sweden, from 1561!
And the evening was great with more play.

Saturday gives us a rainy day, but we have two more thing worth
seeing in Angelholm. The king of pollen "Gösta Karlssons" UFO in the
forest of Sibirien, and of course the see.

Not so many at the beach this day.

skane-tour 2020

Last evening. We did not have silk ribbons in our hair, but gas masks, and sang Mares summer song "we dricker cava aperol" with the point that we did not sit in arbor. In addition, with a strong Stockholm dialect. The Kayakman mixed the drinks which was absolutely amazing. What song did we play then? "Barsebäck" of course! Not entirely easy to play the violin with this equipment. Fantastic ending, on fantastic days. Hope we can meet again soon.

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.