Stämmor 2019


October26th 2019

Finally October! Autumn highlight for folkmusicians. This year, Brainharpgirl came up on Friday and then it was playtime until Sunday night, when the fingers felt full of flesh sores. Missing other good folks from the southern part of sweden. One carpentry a garage which seems to be unnecessary chores. Well, they not know what they miss. An amazing weekend.

V-dala fills the floor everytime.

Brainharpgirl and Riverlandboy. We start the session with bysskalle 32. Good start!

Some kids start to play at the first floor and we help them to play "hönsafötter" a lot of times.

And they play, and play and play. :-) Good to practice.

Small group playing backstage.

Event-orchestra with friends.

Badger listening in background

On the top floor sitting a lot of accordions. Here it will be a temporary stop, between the tunes to get through.

Rammsteins gathers many musicians.

Open scene. Two guys from France playing clarinet and some...well I dont know, but the sound was ok. A kind of toy-instrument, probably a melodika.

Great play at the entrance of handicap-toilet.

In the wardrobe it is violin and jews harp. So nice, but here is the only place where its not allowed to play. So they have to stop and go upstairs.


Do I have to seem to enjoy this?
New and old tunes in every corner.
Old and new friends in every corner.
This is happines. Twelve hours of folkmusic, and you never know what the evening will bring to you.

Probably logs-islets (stockholms) people.

The big event this evening is Väsen. They celebrating 30 years as a band.Great performance with Västanå theater.

The Goose is rehearsel for danceplay at 21:45 this evening. That thing does not stop others to come and join the tunes.

Traditional escalator games. This is the highlight of the evening, and a manifestation that folk music is more than just tones.

Fastreel and Toiwo.

ULV on stage. Great with so many young people who like to play. A lot of it depends on the game leaders. And this year they also received the gold medal for their work. Congratulations to Magnus Holmström and Tomas Lindberg!

The JumpingJo had a busy evening when she was a member of the spelstämmokommiten and was in charge of the open stage with Friday. But in small pieces, she even had time to play. We played from the open stage, along with Secondtuneswitcher, Bluewing, and Brainharpgirl. It sounded good in the second turn. :-)

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.