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Oktoberstämman 2017

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Well it´s time for the traditional Oktoberstämman. Hundreds of players in the UKK-s forth floor.
The hole building filled up with fiddlers from all directions in Sweden, and some from other countries.
Playing from the middle of day until midnight. You never know where the best play is.
It could be in a narrow corridor, with few players or in a crowd with many fiddlers.
Lets go inside and enjoy.

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Start to listen to ULV. They have fun, thats for sure.

oktober_2017_34 (216K)

Playing some tunes with Nordwalls and company, before moving up.

oktober_2017_33 (228K)

JaneLarsTommy is next on stage.

oktober_2017_32 (191K)

Neverendingman and Josefine start to play

oktober_2017_31 (281K)

And in a few second several players enjoy.

oktober_2017_30 (171K)

A good crowd, and fast polskor in furiuous tempo.

oktober_2017_27 (152K)

Valleyland tunes. (dalarna)

oktober_2017_25 (164K)

Mandolinplayers are not so common in this kind of meetings. Thats a shame. The sound is
great with nyckelharpa, and fiddle.

oktober_2017_24 (188K)

Forth floor

oktober_2017_23 (160K)

Love this building with the lines from one to another directions.

oktober_2017_22 (230K)

Picture from long distance. Couldn´t hear the tune but the seem to joined it. Maybe Sörlins schottis?

oktober_2017_21 (183K)

Five clarinets in one session!Never happend before.New record, and good tunes.

oktober_2017_20 (236K)

Upstaris in the bar.

oktober_2017_19 (180K)

Trying nyckelharpa downstairs with Tobo.

oktober_2017_18 (251K)

This years windfirst-bandaid (dragplåster) Skäggmanslaget.

oktober_2017_16 (189K)

BlackGoosescientist amoung with the nyckelharporna

oktober_2017_14 (200K)

Rehearsel with the Bohlin-friend before danceplay in studio C.
Nordwalls is playing at the big stage. Great performance. We watch it from the monitor.

oktober_2017_15 (122K)

Bohlin himself.

oktober_2017_13 (128K)

In every corner some new tunes.

oktober_2017_12 (123K)

Loud and clear. It´s amazing just walking around in this building.

oktober_2017_11 (343K)

Traditional elevator-play, upstairs and downstairs.

oktober_2017_10 (166K)

Meeting new players never seen before.

oktober_2017_9 (224K)

Crowed as usual

oktober_2017_8 (166K)

Playing some tune with the bagmen in upstairs. This time in A. RosaLee is not so comfortable
with the A amoung this instruments and especially not when his master not tuned it in the right way.

oktober_2017_5 (174K)

Meeting friends from Torsåker. (well I thought they was from Sandbay (Sandviken)but thats not true)
Some from Svärdsjö and two from Torsåker.
Playing Torsåkers gånglåt, Hammarslungan and Torsåkers vals. The last one was new for me. A nice one.

oktober_2017_6 (157K)


oktober_2017_7 (247K)

Listen to westmannafolk. A new experience. Not like other traditional folkteam-bands.
Electric bass, steelguitar, and keyboard, with intro reminds me of shetland folk festival.
Like it very much!

oktober_2017_4 (133K)

Late in the night. Not so many players left. But some is still playing and dont want to leave until all good tunes are played.

Music.... is life.