Blog 2019


July 3th 2021

Finally we begin to see the light in the tunnel. More and more people are being vaccinated, and the number of patients in hospitals is declining drastically. Summer shows itself at its best, with sun and heat. The Bingsjö meeting was canceled this year as well, but we took a chance on having a playtime- meeting in Lilltibble, together with our best play buddies. Wow! What a great play. Baerly no time for food, just play until the morning rice.

Neverendingman and Brainharpgirl came on thursday evening from the south, with a caravanette.

I'm very happy that the guitar Wendy ends up in a place where she will be played more than has been the case here at home.

Allplaysleader this evening was a natural choice. Neverendingman start with Rättvikarns gånglåt, and the roof lifts of the tunes. The only things missing was the mosquitoes

Neverendingman and Secondtuneswitcher.

Startingson, and Brainharpgirl.


The sun gassed and the curtain, and sun umbrella was well suited to have in the middle of the day

Bluewing, and Secondtuneswitcher.

Stardust, GreenFriday, and Bluewing

Inside play at the most sunny time this day. Heatexchanger, and pool, was great.

It is noticeable that it was so long since we could meet and play together. Tonight you want to be part of every single song and not miss anything. And there is nothing wrong with the joy of playing.

Folk rocks!


play until the sun rises over the horizon

JumpingLady, and Stardust.


Badger, and Neverendingman

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.