Blog 2019


March 7th 2019

Spel med GåsAnders. The Baseman has change instrument, and tonight it is two guitars. It takes some time to find the right way in chords and at the left I have two great secondtuners. But we made it quiet well I think.


February 22-24 2019

Umefolk. Here I have never been before. Exciting to try something new. All the animals, horses, chickens, dogs and cats must be taken care of so that Gold Cat cannot go together.

I take a chance and go there by myself. Meet someone I know, from plays in Uppsala, but we all live in different hotels here. It gets a little quiet in the hotel.

And at the peoples house it is quiet to. Some players, but the fiddlers in the case. Waiting for the Allplay.


All games ... but what is this? Everyone stands in line to enter the huge hall, and we sit down and wait. Then the curtain goes up. Lots of people on the concert stage. Then one and a half hours followed with children's choir, susuki children, concert participants. Here you get a selection of everything that will happen during these days. Beautiful, and fun with all the young people playing.

Allplays tunes were intrigued, of course. Here I got stuck on pedalglands that were rolled onto the stage. The pirates who screamed their songs, and Jens Comén's subtle saxophone-solo.

One hour and a half. Yes, I liked it. Something new, with a lot of youth people. But you dont have to call it Allplay!

Saturday...I learned a new tune by myself at the hotel, and visit a workshop. Improvisation. First with to tunes, togheter two and to. Continuing with three tunes, and then the melody at the end. Amazing.

Homeward. An experience richer. In fact, I have learned a lot from my own play, and can now try to continued a little more at home. It has its advantages to travel far away sometimes.

shrimpsandwich...well I have homesickness to the Littetibblers special sandwich with fastreel touch.


February 16nd 2019

Playcottage. I like the name, and the atmosphere. We are a lot of people coming at the middle of the day, and playing and sharing tunes. "Lets play "Linus på linjen", says Torosen, and someone else starts, but the tunes is not right at the first verse. MrG and I wait some second, and in the next round we play it in our style. The third round it is a new melody. Well it doesn't matter. Some of it was right this time and we laughing and next friendly player chosing a new tune. This is a friendly play. Love it.

In Lukewarm-wedge

February 2nd 2019

Play in Lukewarm-wedge (Jumkil) surronded with snow outside. But a very good play inside, with AngelTune,
Bluewing, Secondtuneswitcher, and the hosts, Startingsssons. This it the best thing to do an evening when the eurovision songcontest screaming on television.
Why is it always the same that the first tunes after dinnerbreak is the absolutely best? I have to practice more.
The guitarplay is predicible and I need to find more ways to develop.


Januari 27th

A pretty snowy winter.


Januari 27th

Time for the first playcottage, today with full house, and some problem to make place for all of us. Good variation with tunes from Uppland to Kalix. Hattrickman whishes Happiness-waltz (lyckovalsen), a lovely tune, not unfortunalty, often played. This time Secondtuneswitcher played it well and I was sitting to far away, to make it better this time


Januari 19th

New place. Nearly same tunes. More pictures at Midvinterstämman 2019

GåsAnders Knutfest

Januari 13th

Gooseparty. Now we can called it a tradition. More pictures at GåsAnders Knutsfest 2019

Storm Alfrida

Januari 12th, 2019

At the beginning of the year, the storm Alfrida came from Iceland and pulled down to us from the north. Many trees have fallen after the storm, and lie here and there in the woods.
Getting around is a bit difficult, and some trees are a bit dangerous hanging to each other. Many in Uppland became powerless, and it will take a long time before everything is as usual again.

Long walk 2

Januari 5th, 2019

Continuing to collect energy, with long walks in the sun.

Long walk 1

Januari 3th, 2019

Nice long walks in the beginning of the year, which fills the head with new music.
The sun is low and forms long shadows from Sonic, and makes his figure abnormally long.

New year

Inspiration Januari 1th, 2019

New year and new challenges. 2018 was a good game year, with nice weather at the meetings both in Bingsjö and Korrö. Maybe even a little too hot. And so all good friends who play so lovely.
Not so many stämmor in a quantitatively way, but more nice qualitative plays.
So this last few hours of the year, we'll learn a new song. "Never far away" . Here you will find it

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.