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Mera övning till vårens lov.

February 8th 2020

Play in Tuna with Angeltune. We learned some new tunes. We planned to stay for two hours, but we double it. There were four. It is easy to forget the time with music. Simba listened most attentively

Vinterstämman i TOBO

January 26th 2020

vinterstämma Angeltune and I have time to practice for an hour before it's time to go to Tobo and the winter meeting. We start with good soup, and then find a small room upstairs to play on. At 17:30, GåsAnders plays, and my places was on the right side sitting on a chair. Not the best opportunity Decided to put on amplifier today, and here was the only place to get electicitet. Greger this time, (RosaLee has a string change waiting) I belive I dont add anything this danceplay.
More pictures at Tobo Vinterstämma 2020


January 26th 2020

High Mass in Mission Church. We start with Harrys Vals, and it seems to fit well now in the SPOV constellation. It is so exciting to try out games in new forms om musicians. In the afternoon, LoT and Angeltune meet here in Lilltibble. We rehearsel two tunes for upcoming recording. What a privilage to play with this great musicians too!


January 23th 2020

Vinterstämman i Jakobsberg

January 18th 2020


First real spelmansstämma of the year in Jakobsberg.
More pictures at Järfälla Vinterstämma 2020

Tjugonda knyt

January 12th 2020

Årets första lilla stämma i Björklinge. I år mer folk än vanligt, uppemot 50 spelmän. More pictures at Gåsandersknyt_2020

First meeting at playpalace.

January 4th 2020

Angeltune, LoT, Startingsson visit us and we have an extraordinary evening.
Some new tunes and a lot of oldies. Its good to start the year with this kind of amusement. In fact, despite christmas, and new year this was what I waiting for.


So here we are again.

January 1th 2020

It seems this is a kind of tradition, to record a tune. This year it was time for a sexdrega number 45. Heard it for the first time in Tuna. Angeltune was playing. The sound is baroque, and have a royal touch, and I play with a straight back and nobel expression.

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.