Blog 2021

Back on track

January 13th 2021

New year, new challenges. I get tunes from medelpad sent from Neverendingman, Skåne, and via Zoom4Hn I add a little comp. It works pretty well actually! You get a bit of the feeling of sitting and playing with someone in real. And there is one good opportunity to pratice and listen. And how often do I just listen to my own comp?
Since christmas, I've cleaned up a lot of recordings that I've collected over the years, and it's nice to listen to. Some songs have completely fallen into oblivion. A small problem only ...
What are the tunes called? I have usually not spent so much time finding out about this. Something I should get better at this year.

Sun is coming like a fire.

January 5th 2021

The sun is coming through the clouds, and it almost looks like a forest fire between the trees.
We try to play some middle-pad songs in the evenings, and start to yearn for the fiddlers meetings to start when the vaccinations have started for all the people. But so far it seems a bit slow. Good to have some new tunes to pratice.

2021 Hopefully a better year.

January 1th 2021

New year and hope that there will be more folk-play this year. Last year was depressing. Two stämmor before lock down. However, there were some glimmers of light. Playing at the mill, in high summer, and the trip down to Skåne. Some new polskor have also become what we learned. Recording for the new album, on the other hand, is on hold for a while longer. Maybe we can get started this spring again. Playing at home in the house works well for a while, but you miss the interaction so easily

Tillbaka till toppen

Music.... is life.