Eric Sahlströms spelmansstämma (Vendelstämman) July 22th 2012

Nice play at Ottarsborg, Vendel. Lot of Bohlin tunes this time. Four hours nonstop-playing.

vendel_2012_1 (98K)

IKRexman, keynote speech

vendel_2012_2 (108K)

And after that, birch-bark horn

vendel_2012_3 (226K)

Some warm sun in the beginning.

vendel_2012_4 (112K)

Starting up with some cool Bysskalletunes. Birch-people Scientist of Black Groose and Fastreel.

vendel_2012_5 (65K)

Bengan, the youngest oldest.

vendel_2012_6 (103K)

What are they playing over there?

vendel_2012_7 (77K)

Real bushplay.

vendel_2012_8 (53K)


vendel_2012_9 (77K)

Some Finnish tunes back the Hamburgerstore.

vendel_2012_10 (88K)

Teamleader of the Goose.

vendel_2012_12 (85K)

Some rockstyle with the instruments.

vendel_2012_13 (49K)

Princess of milkyway won first price!

vendel_2012_14 (70K)

Drivingbye and earguy.

vendel_2012_15 (90K)


vendel_2012_16 (108K)

Erika, Stardust, and Håkan

vendel_2012_17 (85K)


vendel_2012_18 (72K)

Young people playing fast.

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