Vendelstämman June 24th 2016

Hollyhock blossom for the first time of year just the same from years before. One of the warmest days in the summer. Nearly unbearable heat in the tents for the players. And in the middle of the day ear-splitting thunder fairly near us. Lot of small groups. Nice play everywhere.

vendel_2016_start (314K)

Hollyhock at the small hill on the backyard.

vendel_2016_1 (232K)


vendel_2016_2 (166K)

Sonia leading

vendel_2016_3 (79K)

Some new tunes with Bagman,

vendel_2016_4 (149K)

and Startingsson.

vendel_2016_5 (213K)

PekkosPers storpolska

vendel_2016_6 (208K)

Dekkens storpolska.

vendel_2016_7 (234K)

Some other tunes.

vendel_2016_8 (226K)

Today was SävjaFolk completed. Unfortunately Badger did not get in time to play before we all was lost.

vendel_2016_9 (283K)

And in the end of the evening some talk with Charles la Mange.

Music.... is life.