Tobo-stämman February 6 th 2016

To the north of Uppland!

After a short stop at Sandelska, I drive the Europeway number four to Tobo. A place in north of Uppland, and the capital of Nyckelharpan. Great play with good old friends and someone new. tobo2016_1 (169K)

HappyK and some from the Goose.

tobo2016_2 (171K)


tobo2016_3 (163K)

Tierps TuneFactory. And of course we play Dekkens Storpolska.

tobo2016_4 (185K)

Nicklas and Eve with tunes from the valley-land.

tobo2016_5 (107K)

After some soup at the restaurant, its time for some new tunes at the groundfloor.

Stardust and BlackGroosescientist. Some new tunes here. And one more guitarplayer from the course at UKK in October arrive.
"Where do you have the instrument?"
"In the car"
"Well get it and enjoy"
"And then we have a good session."

tobo2016_7 (170K)

JaneLarsoTommy. Great tunes, but not som many dancers. They have a good opportunity here to dance with all the players around.

Music.... is life.