Stjärnsunds-stämman 4th August 2018

Stjärnsund! Would not really go. It was so far away. In the south of Dalarna.
But a sms from Black Groose the day before departure made me change the plans.
And that was good. A nice spelmansstämma with quite a few players, and a fun
danceplay twice. And then a lovely chat with the BlackGrooseScientist on the way
forward and back on everything possible. Playing is as much a social
gathering, as just playing nice tunes.

stjarnsund_2018_1 (150K)

Some are here early and waiting for what to come.

stjarnsund_2018_13 (336K)

And then all the players came to the allspel on the stairs to the manor.
Very good all-games songs. An additional plus to the confroncator who
talked about the tone of the song. Easy to miss.

stjarnsund_2018_14 (337K) stjarnsund_2018_2 (273K)

Black Groose, and I started with a cup of coffee in pleasant nature, and a
weather where the heat was at normal level.
- Well ... what are we doing now? No other players in sight,
so we pick up the instruments, and play a little bit for ourselves.
We will have three tunes before a nice guest-gentleman from Gästrikland comes and
makes us company. And immediately there will be more players.

stjarnsund_2018_3 (259K)

At five o'clock it is time for the general rehearsal before our gigs
later in the evening. Eve has arranged for us to play in the smithy.

stjarnsund_2018_4 (260K)

What tunes should we have? There are many that we can bring. Half an hour is no problem to fill

stjarnsund_2018_5 (297K)

Here I meet playmates that I only see once a year. (center party play)
but also people who have been to Korrö recently.

stjarnsund_2018_6 (269K)

Time to tune.

stjarnsund_2018_7 (225K)

Kolijox were before us in the dance game. Good luck in the songs, but you'd love to hear more of the cittran.

stjarnsund_2018_8 (252K)


stjarnsund_2018_9 (305K)


stjarnsund_2018_10 (229K)

And here we are. Small space for dancers and playmates, but close contact is also good.

stjarnsund_2018_12 (210K)

Music.... is life.