February 20-23th.

Hjärnarp, Skåne. Meeting good old friends. Fasttravel by plane to Ängelholm, and music for three days with Brain-harp-girl, and family, and friends.

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A flat tree-less country? Oh no, Lobby-duck-rigde (Hallandsåsen) is amazing, and the beech forest makes you like Robin Hood

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The secret place

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Preamp, Neverending-man, Brainharp-girl, Strawberry-man, and Badger.

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Princess of milkyway, now with a lot of tunes from the nyckelharpa.

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Brainharp-girl and daughter, playing "Zorros märke"

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Beneath the ridge on Friday. Incoming from Båstad, and playmansgarden, we landed at PreAmp, and family.

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Visiting PreAmps residence.

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Fastreel speak to PreAmps-girls horses, and the understood! Two hours play.

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New tunes and some goodies from Bingsjö.

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A golden cat! And to tired girls.

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Brainharp-girl, daughter, Fastreel, and Strawberry-man.

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PreAmp, Neverendingman, and BrainHarpgirl.

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Fastreel playing clog-fiddle

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