Shetland folk festival 2012

Visiting the 32nd folkfestival at Shetland

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Horse of the knab at Lerwick.

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Two flight-changes and small aircraft to reach the island.

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Some get here by boat. View from hotel-window.

shetland2 (52K)

A sunny minute. In the next moment snow!

shetland3 (44K)

Walking to a new concert.

shetland4 (47K)

Nice logo! Waiting for Threacherous orchestra, and Sprag Session.

shetland5 (68K)

Sprag session in club-play, after the big concert.

shetland6 (71K)

At the Isleburgh community center. Banjo-jam with members from Threacherous.

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Music-teachers at the workshop for fiddlers. Four old shetlandtunes, and after that a long session with Irish, Shetland and Swedish tunes. The Guitar-workshop with J.P. Cormier was overslept by the author, but we got an supply teacher.

shetland8 (81K)

Strange zither with nice sound.

shetland9 (48K)

Bluegrass with the Hot Seats.

shetland10 (50K)

Badger playing at the hotelroom. Shetland hotel was a very quiet hotel until now.

shetland11 (63K)

Broch of Clickimin

shetland12 (69K)

A seal resting on a stone in the harbour.

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7000 habitors, and a pretty small town. But we got lost anyway!< /p> shetland14 (82K)

Three groups playing in the middle of the day. Starting with KAN. Amazing performance. Goosebumps!

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Kasai Masai

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Walking around in the afternoon. This time not lost.

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Nestings just beneath the mound.

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