Sätrabrunn spelmansstämma July 15th 2012

Visting Sätrabrunn for the first time. Tricky way between Örsundsbro and Fjärdhundra. Turning in narrow gravelleds to reach the shortest way. Not so many players this time, but more listeners. The shrimp-sandwiches run out, and the starving Guldkatt has to travel to Onebuying to survive, after we had entering the stage. In the evening we went to Hawkeye, and some indoor bushplay.

Satrabrunn_2 (122K)

Fastreel. After our second tune on stage (Eagles Whisper) it rain again. Wondering if that is a rain-tune?

Satrabrunn_1 (127K)


Satrabrunn_3 (55K)

Tuning before stage

Satrabrunn_7 (138K)

...and on stage

Satrabrunn_4 (80K)

Between the players, some pause-entertainment.

Satrabrunn_5 (90K)

Jan, Gunnel, and Björn.

Satrabrunn_6 (83K)

Easterridge spelmanslag.

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