Samspelsmedalj 2016

Second time to visit Sundsvall and Sidsjö Conferens to play
for higher value.This time we testing Fastän, and Kringellek and
it almost succeeded but we fell on the goal line with two millimeters.
There is still a drop in the right direction, and we reload for next
year.The best this year was a workshop and concert with MP3.
Wonderful concert, and now they have learned alot of new approaches in the chords.
The time of year was postponed to the All Saints' weekend and it
usually always bad weather. So also this time. The snow poured
down and surprised us. However, we came home safe and sound

samspelsmedalj_2016 (124K)

Dormant violin.

samspelsmedalj_2016_1 (30K) samspelsmedalj_2016_2 (31K) samspelsmedalj_2016_3 (29K) samspelsmedalj_2016_4 (41K) samspelsmedalj_2016_5 (36K) samspelsmedalj_2016_7 (44K)

Some of the players on stage.

samspelsmedalj_2016_6 (229K)

Smiling Fastreel who knew all the songs on allspelet.
Strong considering that most of the songs were from the Middlepad

samspelsmedalj_2016_10 (185K)
Bushplay. samspelsmedalj_2016_8 (249K)


samspelsmedalj_2016_9 (118K)

And a great concert with MP3.

Music.... is life.