Samspelsmedalj Sundsvall

sundsvall_3_2015 (53K)

Proud Golden cats! Bronze-medal!

sundsvall_1_2015 (112K)

Friday lunch, Guldkatt drive up north, to Sundsvall, trying to play for medal in interaction. A bit nervous ofcourse, but we did it, and have bronze-medal. Best of all this weekend was the bushplay. Every player listen to each other.

sundsvall_6_2015 (162K)

Bushplay.Gooseflesh in every tune.

sundsvall_4_2015 (71K)

Waiting for some music.

sundsvall_2_2015 (88K)

SVER in concert at the late evening.

sundsvall_5_2015 (157K)

50 people, want to learn rörospols. And Melva did it!

sundsvall_7_2015 (133K)

Time to play.First on stage. Tommy and Bosse.

sundsvall_7_2015 (133K)

Playing for gold.

sundsvall_9_2015 (117K)


sundsvall_10_2015 (125K)


sundsvall_11_2015 (189K)

Nice tunes.

sundsvall_12_2015 (128K)

They pratice even at breakfast in the kitchen.

sundsvall_13_2015 (140K)

P-O and Eve.

sundsvall_14_2015 (145K)

New friends from south.

sundsvall_15_2015 (176K)

New friends from Stockholm

sundsvall_16_2015 (277K)

Uplands-tunes, in the late night.

sundsvall_17_2015 (252K)

Rightbay-tunes. (rättvik)

sundsvall_18_2015 (228K)

Bushplay in the kitchen.

sundsvall_19_2015 (211K)

No time for sleep this weekend. So many new good tunes. And the best. All players lísten to each other.

Music.... is life.