Rimbo-stämman June 4th 2016

New direction! Hard to find the right way ! First, I ended up in the middle of the forest. Turned around and came right the second time. Missed Triplex , and Rydberg, but got a lot of new songs and beautiful play with new and old playmates .

rimbo_2016_1 (196K)

Sonic and Toby cant wait, but sorry boys. No dogs today.

rimbo_2016_3 (115K)

At the entrance I heard two wellknown fiddles. Yes thats two good fellows testing the sound at the stage. P-O and Eve." The Secondtuneswitchers"

rimbo_2016_2 (123K)

Just after two more entrance the stage. Maria and Bengt, with exuberant fast music.

rimbo_2016_4 (366K)

It was a sunny but windy day and the fingers haven´t acclimatize the cold wind. But they hold for four hours and fast tunes.

rimbo_2016_5 (256K)

Bysskalle was popular. Even more numbers than thirtytwo and twentyfive.

rimbo_2016_6 (206K)

Three bushplay-places. Here is number two.

rimbo_2016_7 (228K)

And here is another.

rimbo_2016_8 (176K)

Time to go home after a pleasant day with good play. First time for me visiting this place. Probably not the last.

Music.... is life.