Playparty 2012

Playparty in Lill-Tibble. Tokröj. Good old friends and some new. Lot of tune in the evening.

20121124_1 (94K)

Fastreel in the front

20121124_9 (84K)

Spelgulles lillpolska

20121124_2 (77K)

Amazones, Black Groose scientist, and HappyK.

20121124_5 (48K) 20121124_4 (46K) 20121124_3 (50K)

Princess rolling, just before disco-time.

20121124_6 (62K)

HappyK in action, with a new instrument!

20121124_10 (64K)

Trying some new chords.

20121124_7 (67K)

Stardust and Startingssons

20121124_8 (69K)

Aldo this time with fiddle.

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