Oktoberstämman 27 oktober 2018

oktoberstamman_2018_3 (71K)

Is it the most crowded one? It feels like that. Lots of people in every corner of UKK. The allplay at groundfloor was completely packed with players in every single place. (picture at top)
Not only players in this buildning. Also many others who listen, or are excited to go on this year's movingpatch (dragplåster. Ale Möller, Aly Bain, and Bruce Molsky. For some reason, we missed it this year, with the explanation that we had seen them before .... hmm ...not so good explanation.

One of the highlights this evening is the escalator-march introduced by V-dala. Three floor of flooding music on the roll.

korro_2018_5 (159K)

And of course a lot of dancers! This year we have the opportunity to play on stage for gentle-dance-music late in the evening. Neverendingman, Hawkeye, Fastreel and Badger. The name of the band was obvious. "CampPlayaLot" from the longplaysessions at spelmansstämmor along the country.

CampPlayaLot on stage.

oktoberstamman_2018_4 (52K)

ULV rocks on the groundfloor.

oktoberstamman_2018_5 (52K)

Well we are here for the music, but we just have to eat something, to not starve to death.

oktoberstamman_2018_6 (50K)

Meeting L&T at the end of the corridor next to the facilitetes.

Not so easy to find us in the inner part of UKK, but some did. Nice to playing with a small group.

20181027 (109K)

Friday afternoon. Fortuneplay with our favourite-players, Secondtundswitcher and Bluewing.

Some selfies Fastreel, and Neverendingman.

Bluewing and Brainharpgirl.


Music.... is life.