Oktoberstämman October 23-24 2015

Oktober2015_5 (205K)

ULV on stage.

Oktober2015_6 (209K)

Bordunsession. Bagman with friends.

Oktober2015_4 (160K)

PreAmp and BrainHarpgirl meet folks from ther neighbourhood.

Oktober2015_3 (268K)

Aldo with friends.

Oktober2015_7 (185K)

The princess-team playing more and more tunes!

Oktober2015_8 (299K)

Fantastic view on the top floor.

Oktober2015_9 (158K)

Music in every corner.

Oktober2015_kurs (245K)

Guldkatts first course! One hour of "Folkmusic with guitar" just after the concert with GåsAnders.


Sunday! The band with the working-title. "The folk who played all night and dagy and haven´t sleep since friday" made a performance at Sandelska huset, for the elderly people. This time even with dance! Here you can listen to a small clip. MYSTERY MAN

Music.... is life.