June 21th 2013. Midsummer at Lill-tibble.

The wall between Big and Little Tibble is broken ;-)
Traditional Quiz, and five-camp for childen and adults.
Football competition, adults against children. The time, giving the children the game, is gone. Thanks to Magnus, Johanna, and Big-tibble, for this evening.

midsommar_2013-1 (234K)

Five-camp training.

midsommar_2013-2 (153K)

Starting the game.

midsommar_2013-3 (199K)

Something between your knees.

midsommar-2013-1 (226K)

The winning team-leader.

midsommar_2013-4 (162K)

Football in on direction.

midsommar_2013-5 (139K)

....and in another direction.

midsommar_2013-6 (146K)


midsommar_2013-7 (102K)


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