GåsAnderfest 2012

Traditional party at Mårten Gås. Stageplay and some in the bush. Guldkatt coming up as the first band, playing a new irish tune, and two schottis with drums.

martengas_7 (68K)

All players on stage

martengas_8 (70K)

Playing Björklingeminne

martengas_2 (73K)

Princess of milkyway

martengas_1 (75K)

Birchpeople, playing three homemade tunes.

martengas_3 (63K)

Anders playing Hedlund-tunes.

martengas_4 (55K)

Aldo. This time with mandola

martengas_5 (58K)

West-Lands people, with Bengan

martengas_6 (64K)


martengas_9 (69K)

Fastreel and HappyK

martengas_10 (110K)

Guldkatt playing BölOlles Schottis (photo: HappyK)

martengas_11 (96K)

(photo: HappyK)

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