Lohärad spelmansstämma

Lohärad, the storehouse of grain. Birthplay for hardworking farmers.Despite a short way to the capital-city is the time still in thiss little villages. Himmine, Loskälva, Nyckelby.
Not so many players here but the coffee is free for us, and the sun always shine.

loharad2016_6 (399K)

Mature wheatfield

loharad2016_1 (234K)

New group called foreplayers. (förstämman)

loharad2016_2 (253K)

Prestos kapell

loharad2016_3 (268K)

Nice performance with a great harp-players. In the middle of the tune her son decided to change the keys.

loharad2016_4 (190K)

Dont know the name of the group, but this was something new arrangement.

loharad2016_5 (234K)

Music.... is life.