September 14th, Kulturnatten Uppsala

Great night in Uppsala. Walking amoung the river, listen to poetry, music, and looking at dancers from all the world. Guldkatt playing with a friend from GRÅÅ. Badger accompaning Bagman at Uplands.

kulturnatten_2013_4 (59K)

Uppsala shows the best side this night.

kulturnatten_2013_3 (67K)

Toboz at Uplands Nation.

kulturnatten_2013_2 (125K)

Modern dance from India

kulturnatten_2013_1 (141K)

Aldo and Jacob

kulturnatten_2013_92 (147K)


kulturnatten_2013_5 (129K)

Rolling-polska, with Jayant and Karin

kulturnatten_2013_6 (103K)

Fastreels lunch-break in the middle of the boat-queue on fyris-river.

kulturnatten_2013_7 (74K)


kulturnatten_2013_8 (78K)

Pretty girl at Uplandsmuseet

kulturnatten_2013_9 (64K)

Bagman together with different instruments.

kulturnatten_2013_91 (62K)

GRÅÅ. Got some trouble with the speakers, and some birds in the sky.

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