Kulturnatten 2012

Night of culture 2012. a night to remember as a friendly, culturloving multicuturel happening in Uppsala. Crowded and warm atmosphere. Guldkatt playing at Gillet.

20120908_8 (26K) 20120908_2 (74K)

Starting with Polska från Wik.

20120908_3 (73K)

And continued with "Dregs from birch"

20120908_9 (51K)

Great thanks for eminent sound

20120908_1 (48K)

Jonas Lefvert acoustic solo-guitar

20120908_4 (52K)

BlackGroose scientist and Aldo

20120908_5 (56K)


20120908_6 (85K)

Compulsory red jacket, for this evening.

20120908_7 (68K)

The Green party. singing "we dont eat our friends".

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