Korröfestivalen 2017 26-30 Juli

Korrö! No mosquitoes! Almost no rain.
Great play with several magic moments when the time stops and the music filled us with joy.
New music mixed with old goodies. This year we also went to the workshop and got an insight into the old-time, and appalachian style.

korro_2017_1 (218K)

Arriving already at Wednesday evening. The camp not full yet and we could quietly choose a formidable tent place, and have dinner in peace and quiet.

korro_2017_3 (245K)

Happy reunion when Brainharpgirl and PreAmp arrive on Thursday.
They can barely pick up the tent before we start playing.
She would love to have a little dog puppy, but please, without ticks.
Unbelievably lot of ticks this year.

korro_2017_20 (311K)

He was not supposed to come, but suddenly he showed up, Neverendingman. Suddenly the camp was intact, and everything as usual.

New instrument for Badger. Clogfiddle!
Nice little instrument, with a smoother sound.
My ear like it.

korro_2017_4 (234K)

Brainharpdaugther testing nyckelharpa.

korro_2017_5 (230K)

Looking for some concerts tonight.

korro_2017_6 (303K)

Nightvision. One of the best thing with this festival. No mosquitos! Bingsjö is a great party but the insects sometimes makes it hard to play.

korro_2017_7 (227K)

Waiting to be played.

korro_2017_8 (157K)

Morninggymnastic. Situps with Toby in the tent. Heavy workout.

korro_2017_9 (176K)

Fiddle is in postition.

korro_2017_10 (304K)

If you like Cowboy-tunes, the best breakfast is Pancake in the american style.

korro_2017_11 (210K)


korro_2017_12 (280K)

Princess favorite. Nachos. She cant live without it on this festival.

korro_2017_13 (205K)

Queue for the concert with Karin Wallin

korro_2017_14 (318K)

Way home to the tent.

korro_2017_15 (368K)


korro_2017_16 (323K)

Many old tunes that are still good

korro_2017_17 (386K)

Alternative way to play even if you are a little tired just for the moment

korro_2017_18 (303K)

Badger and Fastreel playing Big naming waltz.

korro_2017_19 (415K)

Swedish cowboystyle tunes.

korro_2017_21 (254K)

Found two lovely players outside the café.
Do not know their names, but they played tunes from Evenlands (jämtland).

korro_2017_22 (337K)

One of many magical moments in the bushplaytent together with Bagman and friends.
The tent was quickly filled by many players from different countries (Africa, Australia, and Costa Rica)
and after a while the music got a quaint touch.

korro_2017_23 (223K)

Looking for some food in the night. Pizza, Halloumi, whatever. Just some food.

korro_2017_24 (235K)

Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye

korro_2017_25 (317K)

Incoming rain let us keep the instruments still for a while. Maybe a good thing.
It is not often we can take a coffee-break and a vacuum cleaner biscuit.

korro_2017_26 (220K)

Next day's magical moment in the bushplaytent with JaneLarsoTommy and Company.
Here, too, it became quite so full of players after a while.
Too bad that there are so few tents to play in when the rain threatens to shake down.

korro_2017_27 (243K)

Good sounding Keyharps

korro_2017_28 (245K)

Some guard the caravan

korro_2017_29 (286K)

When the sun is high, it became quite hot.
Nice with a partytent that can give a little shadow

korro_2017_36 (188K)

Lovely tunes.

korro_2017_30 (334K)

PreAmp testing a small base with rubber strings.

korro_2017_31 (255K)

A fluteplayer joined to our little playground this morning.

korro_2017_32 (299K)

Brainharpgirl, and Bluewing

korro_2017_33 (308K)


korro_2017_34 (240K)

Very rewarding workshop with Laura Cortese & the dance cards. Here we learned to play chords on the violin.
(Well, a bit easier on a guitar) But we also to sing while we play, and thats much more difficulte.
Right and left hemispheres had a hard time keeping track of all the tones. But we learned a lot Old time, and Appalachian style.

korro_2017_37 (219K)

They have concert in the evening, but the songs in the mill felt more magic. It was a small group listening and no amplifier.

korro_2017_35 (268K)

I looked forward to Brebach's appearance, but the dogs did not want to listen.
They were far too busy looking for four-legged creatures that passed by.
We had to sit well off the stage in order not to disturb the recording from Radio Sweden.
Maybe you can hear our dogs barking in recordings. :-)

After wonderful days it's time for the goodbye-play. Hopefully we´ll meet again in October.

Music.... is life.