Korrö-festivalen 2014 July 23-27

Warm is not the right word. More like hot! 30 degrees every day. Great bands on many stages. Good play at the camp. Four great days in the end of the vacation.

korro_44 (39K)

Soon it all begins! Exciting!

korro_1 (74K)

Stop in Eksjö and bathing-time after a long cardriving day. Several accidents on the road. One and the only time we go through Stockholm.

korro_3 (17K)

well....Princess take a bath. :-)

korro_2 (47K)

and the ducks.

korro_4 (48K)

Sonic prefer just to stand in the water. He dont like to swim.

korro_6 (67K)

Almost equal in merit on the miniature golf. Last year for children-bonus.

korro_8 (63K)

Sonic testing the camp "Playatlot" ( this year uppgraded with a nice tablecloth).

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korro11 (50K)

Original five. Badger dribble for a dobro.

korro12 (55K)

Bushplay at the riverside.

korro13 (46K)

Bernard. Worth every penny.

korro14 (56K)

Dance-play at the Oktagon.

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korro17 (54K)

And the girls alternate the music with cards in the morning.

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korro19 (54K)

Fastreel and PreAmp once again.

korro20 (67K)

Good tunes just around the corner.

korro_21 (49K)

Festival-kit. Nyckelharpa and strawberries

korro_22 (64K)

Sonic likes the Martin.

korro_23 (68K)

Storyteller and Banjoman

korro_24 (44K)

Concertina, Neverendingman and Brainharpgirl.

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korro_26 (63K)

The ring of folkdance, learning the visitors amusing traditional dances.

korro_27 (58K)

Danish session

korro_28 (57K)

Fastreel searching new stage-style.

korro_29 (52K)

Real bushplay.

korro_30 (62K)

Afternoon at the river. Music in every corner.

korro_31 (43K)

Kolonien at the restaurant-stage.

korro_32 (64K)

Brainharpgirl and PreAmp playing for dancers in the evening.

korro_33 (57K)

Morning-session. The sun force us to start early. To hot to play in lunchtime.

korro_34 (64K)

Dog-meeting. Sonic meet a Basenji. They have same footwork. (fotarbete)

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korro_36 (50K)

Looking for the right sound.

korro_37 (61K)

Los Caramellos. Rehearsel for the euro-tour.

korro_38 (41K)

Hedin/Hazelius ended the concert with a familiar all-song.

korro_39 (64K)

Badger missed to play the English tune with these good players.

korro_40 (33K)

The Good bye girls

korro_41 (54K)

Birthday-song for someone who expect to have a birthday in the future. Fake birthday but great tune! Thanks Klang for power!

korro_42 (53K)

On the road again.

korro_43 (64K)

The cutest guitar-case in the camp.

korro_45 (36K)

Banjoman and Brainharpgirl

korro_46 (40K)

One of the Knights of Camp PLAYALOT. " One for all, and all for one"

korro_47 (79K)

Time for some great play as always.

korro_48 (71K)

Master of Skåne.

korro_49 (55K)

Consertina holdning the fiddle so gentle.

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korro_51 (41K)

The end. A perfomance on the river with confused players , playing their own favourite tune and ended us all playing the same