Korröfestivalen July 27-31th 2016

Here we are again. We arrived at wednesday this time and took a new track to get here.
This year not so much rain except one evening, when a shower-wall almost drench us for twenty minutes.
Rest of the days it was perfect play-weather.
A lot of play at the camp Play-A-Lot, and not som many concerts listens. BrainHarpgirl came on Saturday despite her injured foot and then the camp was complete.
PreAmp and Badger went to the festival and joined the FB-group "quirky folk musicians"

korrö2016_3 (138K)

RosaLee just before a gig. Like an aeroplan starting for take off.

korrö2016_2 (250K)

Morning at nine a clock. Starting with some tunes from the pigeon. (Dufva)

korrö2016_1 (264K)

Toby surrounded by music-cases.

korrö2016_4 (213K)

PreAmp and son

korrö2016_5 (209K)

Neverendingman listen to the Strawberryman

korrö2016_6 (182K)

Time for breakfast

korrö2016_7 (282K)

Gullan at the knee.

korrö2016_8 (318K)


korrö2016_9 (241K)

The dog-way.

korrö2016_10 (173K)

Old beauty in new shape.

korrö2016_11 (257K)

Bushplay at the restaurant.

korrö2016_12 (276K)

Try new simple folkdances, like the ballondance?

korrö2016_13 (246K)


korrö2016_16 (192K)

Nice evening play with JaneLarsTommy and secondtuneswitchers.

korrö2016_17 (319K)

At last she came, Brainharpgirl with the foot still in a package.
And the camp "PlayaLot" is complete.

korrö2016_18 (318K)

Large crowd at the festival-area training for some gig? Notice the note-stable.

korrö2016_20 (193K)

Neverendingman dressed up for Rydwall-concert.

korrö2016_21 (252K)


korrö2016_23 (187K)

Musica vitae and Hedin-Hazelius

Badger had some trouble to silence the dogs when the audience applause.

korrö2016_24 (192K)

Neverendingman suddenly jump of the second part of a tune. Not normaly, and we did´nt realeaize before the rain-wall came behind us.

korrö2016_25 (262K)

Twenty minutes of skyfall.

korrö2016_26 (258K)

Our mates found a woodshed.

korrö2016_14 (230K)

Trolska Polska

korrö2016_15 (279K)

Evening-play near the river.

korrö2016_27 (186K)

The Polska Project.

korrö2016_28 (245K)

And spontaneous dance at the concert as a grande finale.
Storyteller and Elkgirl at the left.

korrö2016_29 (230K)

Time to leave. Is the man in the background dancing, or is he putting down the tent? Maybe he like the music.

korrö2016_30 (280K)

The FB-group quirky folk musicians had a meeting and exchanged experiences. (Photo from the FB-group ")

Music.... is life.