Korröfestivalen July 22-25 2015

Korrö2015, remeberd as windy, sunny, rainy, and totally incredible.

korro2015_25 (255K)

Nyckelharpsfolket, Friday night.

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korro2015_3 (254K)

Gullan, is a cute little guitar with a butterfly in parlemor in hands of PreAmp.Heavy sound in a little body.

korro2015_4 (360K)

The applications of leeks are inexhaustible. Here is one. Usually we use it to drain water from the party-tent. But so far it is sunny but windy.

korro2015_5 (323K)

Klang and Maria. Trainsession for the big dance-play at Friday-night.

korro2015_6 (303K)

Pennybridge, RockyRyd and Brainharpgirl. Waiting for a new tune, in the sunny morning. Time for a story about the last years play.

korro2015_8 (314K)

Several throw-polsks (slängpolskor) streaming from the camp "PLAYALOT".

korro2015_9 (272K)

Plektrum-lips.Instant botox.

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korro2015_11 (171K)

Princess hunting fish and chips

korro2015_12 (217K)

Sonic and Toby barking to the applauses.

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korro2015_14 (187K)

Brainharpgirl made lovely plaits for the children.

badgerkorro2015 (87K)Great play with Neverendingman and Eric Rydvall.

  • korro2015_15 (216K)

    Some tents are easy to find!

    korro2015_16 (182K)

    Gunnel Mauritzson

    korro2015_17 (141K)

    The wheel from the mill is not rolling anymore. But the music around it is rolling a lot more.

    korro2015_18 (297K)

    Thursday night. Walking around the festival-area. Searching for good play. Listen to nice band, and have some beer at the restaurant. The river is calm upstream.

    korro2015_19 (178K)

    And good play we found in a tent near the dancers. JaneLarsTommy, and more sitting and we enjoy while the night turns darker.

    korro2015_20 (237K)

    The morningplay starts early. Neverendingman has one day to catch up.

    korro2015_22 (241K)

    Some are tired in the morninglight.

    korro2015_23 (174K)


    korro2015_24 (268K)

    More and more wake up and enjoy the play.

    korro2015_25 (255K)

    Friday 8 pm. Nyckelharpsfolket with some assitance from Brainharp, and Up-land starts the dance-play at the biggest dance-floor. Almost two hours of play. Hundreds of dancers. Happy, jumping and shouting players. Highlight of the festival.

  • Sound on youtube by 11jorjor. Senpolska
  • Sound on youtube by 11jorjor. Polka
  • Sound on youtube by 11jorjor. Polska Laggafar
  • korro2015_2 (117K)

    Releaved after playing to the Zorn-jury.

    korro2015_26 (274K)

    Saturday morning. Same as preciding morning. This time with some rain coming from Denmark.It does not matter.

    korro2015_27 (229K)

    Sonic tired. Molly wide-awake.

    korro2015_28 (180K)

    Hallo! Is there any food on the way?

    korro2015_29 (238K)

    Oh yes. Pancakes with a taste of rain!

    korro2015_31 (211K)

    Fastreel on stage receiving certificate

    ZORN (289K)

    Playing knowingly tradition style.

    korro2015_33 (118K)

    Almost morning, when we are back at the camp PLAYALOT.

    korro2015_32 (91K)

    And Brainharpsgirls lamps is like stars in the partytent. Time to go to bed and dreaming all night of the good music this week.

    Music.... is life.