Härkeberga spelmansstämma 2012

June 24th. No rain in this part of Sweden! The Kaplan-yard fills up with musician from Onebuyings-country. Guldkatt playing from stage.

harkeberga_2012_4 (75K)


harkeberga_2012_3 (111K)

Clouds around but the sun was over this place from the beginning to the end.

harkeberga_2012_2 (103K)

Guldkatt backstage.

harkeberga_2012_5 (108K)


harkeberga_2012_1 (98K)

Vespertinus elucidate a small thing.

harkeberga_2012_6 (83K)

The confrencier

harkeberga_2012_9 (96K)

Anders playing good tunes. This moment Eklunda one.

harkeberga_2012_7 (121K)

National base-player.

harkeberga_2012_8 (111K)

Time to say goodbye for this time.

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