Härkebergastämman 21 juni 2015

Sun is shining. The players are happy, and lot of us travel to Härkeberga. This time we was called Goldtreasure, Guldskatt. :-) Some trouble as always with the refrain in Enköpingsvalsen. Ten years ago I heard it at Torstuna, and it sounds similiar this time. Nothing seems to changed. Inga-Maj Tisserant leading the allplay, and they even put in some songs between the playlist. Smart draw to engaged the audience. Playing some good fast polskor with Frida at the backyard.
harkeberga_10_2015 (360K)


harkeberga_1_2015 (351K)


harkeberga_2_2015 (223K)

mr Birdcherry

harkeberga_3_2015 (258K)


harkeberga_4_2015 (282K)

Guitar in the background.

harkeberga_5_2015 (290K)

Some more new tunes

harkeberga_6_2015 (315K)

Playing with Frida

harkeberga_7_2015 (327K)

Small bass! Great tune.

harkeberga_8_2015 (260K)


harkeberga_9_2015 (360K)


Music.... is life.