Hagstastämman 21-24 Maj 2015

Hagsta1 (261K)

Torekov watching the wheatherisland. First icecreame in the sun this year. Thanks to the Bench-family for the great hospitality.

Hagsta2 (428K)

Book-wood in the morning. Phylloscopus collybita singing amoung the trees.

Hagsta5 (246K)

Hoofs halls, (hovs hallar)

Hagsta3 (359K)

Toby on the trail down to the waterline.

Hagsta4 (175K)

Princess on the top, scouting the sea for jolly roger.

Hagsta6 (267K)

Narrow canyon. Carpodacus erythrinus singing in the bushes.

Hagsta7 (277K)

Workshop with Magnus Holmström. Two tunes from the westbottom.

Hagsta8 (251K)

Time for soup.

Hagsta9 (252K)

Pim an Pom trio in the competition of worldchampionship in woodshoefiddle.

Hagsta10 (205K)

Winner of woodshoe-fiddle 2015. Peter Pedersen, and Eva Johansson.

Hagsta11 (256K)

Honorary Award. Ninni Carr.

Hagsta12 (248K)

Best allplay ever. Players and listeners in a blended touch, singing and playing. Mr Klang at the best speach, telling some to show their breads, and talking of two guys like a pair. Äppelbo, Gärdebyläten, Yeah!

Hagsta14 (291K)

Happy dancers.

Hagsta15 (281K)

Los Capellos Caramellos delivers.

Hagsta16 (263K)

Pair of base in the field.

hagsta17 (212K)

This is the place the famous author Arthur Lundkvist was born.

hagsta18 (372K)


hagsta19 (419K)

Irish session

Hagsta20 (399K)

Sunny but cold

Hagsta21 (304K)

Playing some tunes with neverendingman. He was the organizer of this lovely stämma.

Hagsta22 (326K)

moveplays-session. (dragspel)

Hagsta23 (351K)

Storis and Limpan rocking the stage.

Hagsta24 (172K)

Moving home after a great weekend.

Music.... is life.