April 13th 2013. Spelstugan på Grand

Grandplay with Playcottage. First play that started in Bingsjö, continued with Tobo and now Grand for this constellation. Where does it end? :-) Great evening and a lot of dancers.


HappyK, Badger and Fastreel

FB_GRAND_1 (40K)

Rappkalles waltz. A lot of screaming in the second part!

FB_GRAND_2 (53K)

Stardust looking to the sky

FB_GRAND_4 (44K)

MrG, started us excellent. On the leftwing,also Bushauthorwriter,Metromona, and Tony.

FB_GRAND_3 (50K)

Mårten Blank

FB_GRAND_5 (42K)

Vilde-concert. Nice picking from the guitarplayer with ödetorpswaltz

FB_GRAND_6 (45K)

The photographer for this evening, Princess of milkyway, carbohydrate loading a Vesuvio, together with Fastreel.

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