GåsAndersträffen May 25th 2017

Always on the christ-sky-travel (kristi himmelsfärd). This year
well-attended and music in all corner, arranged in different styles
The Goose-corner, the push-players nook, the outsiders a little bit
gentle in the backyard, and the Lydias gang, which I ended up in.
A new nice acquaintance with an incredibly beautiful clean game.

gasanderstraffen_2017_1 (230K)

Starting with allplay.

gasanderstraffen_2017_2 (275K)

crowded and warm tunes.

Three different instruments

gasanderstraffen_2017_4 (189K)

I am always one of the last coming muscisians for one reason.
There is always not place for the guitar, and if it is my place is
in the back with totally no output sound because of fiddlers standing
in front of the the sound-hole.

And this time there is already some guitars here.
So I can relax and take some pictures instead.

gasanderstraffen_2017_6 (278K)

The teamleader.

gasanderstraffen_2017_7 (301K)

The Goose must have been a superartist in this area. No spotify,
and have to walk to reach the destination

gasanderstraffen_2017_8 (241K)

But even if he have been gone for a long time, the tunes are alive and plays all over the country.

gasanderstraffen_2017_9 (199K)

The bagman

gasanderstraffen_2016_10 (247K) First time playing with Lydia. A great player. We get on stage
after practicing for 15 minutes

Music.... is life.