May 25 2013. Spelmansstämma Ekeby, Vänge

Windy weather from east, blow the tunes away in the allplay. And this was the longest allplay ever! Over 50 minutes and 12 tunes. A lot of talking between the tunes, made it a bit boring, and we jump of before the end, and have some coffee. New tunes today from norway, and one from "internet". First time for Sonic to visit this kind of crowd. He take it cool. Just a bit suspicious about the double-bass.

20130526_2 (257K)

Guldkatt is proud the be here and play.

20130526_1 (81K)

Cool Sonic. Hattrickman in the background.

20130526_3 (92K)


20130526_4 (122K)


20130526_5 (111K)

The internettune, from Norway just ended.

20130526_6 (103K)

Fastreel discussing some good old tunes with the harp-player.

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