Disastämman Ekebystämman May 28th 2017

What is this? The sun is shining and it's hot summer weather.
The Spelmansstämmorna are like a sandwich table in front of our feet.
Expect a lot of new players and good play.
But already at Old Uppsala and the Disastämman , I get doubtful.

disa_2017_1 (337K)

Here it's easy to find a parking, even though I'm usually late.
And when I get into Disagården, I see almost no players.
To the all-play, 6-8 players fingers on their instruments.
I enter the stage, and after a few minutes Jonas, the bass-man start us
The show must go on.

disa_2017 (284K)

The folk dance team FyrisGillet is participating this year, with
the companion of one person. They are doing a great job. Too bad that
there is almost no audience.
After the allplay, I go to Ekeby. This day it is two spelmansstämmor in a range of a few miles.

disa_2017_2 (243K)

Here are some more players, and a bit better speed than at the
previous meeting. A few players also come from the previous meeting.

ekeby_2017 (437K)

The Ekeby meeting has probably one of Sweden's longest allspel. 12 tunes!
It take some time. So, despite the fact that I'm very late here, I can play the last tunes.
Here you also get free coffee if you play. Nice!

ekeby_2017_2 (238K)

Meeting Renate, and Lisa, and we walk to the barn, where there are place to sit, and play a lot of good songs.
Much is new, from Healthcountry (Hälsingland) , but it is not impossible
to find the correct chord after a couple of times.

ekeby_2017_3 (281K)

It starts to get windy, so it's nice to sit in the barn.
More players come and there is pretty good play.

Music.... is life.