June 2th 2013. Spelmansstämma Disagården Gamla Uppsala.

Great day. Warm,and humdity in Old Uppsala. Lot of players and listeners. Tensta was the strong-attraction this time. One of the only playtimes with exclusie waffles in the coffee-shop.

20130602_9 (115K)

Allplay. Lot of players.

20130602_10 (101K)

Rappkalles Waltz.

20130602_8 (69K)

Offstage play.

20130602_7 (112K)

Fastreel, Stardust, and Hattrickman.

20130602_1 (86K)

Fiddle and Sonic. He barks only when the audience applause.

20130602_11 (74K)

Warm tunes.

20130602_2 (71K)

Bosse with harmonica

20130602_4 (71K)

Henrik starting with Akademipolska!

20130602_3 (93K)

Guldkatt on stage

20130602_5 (88K)


20130602_6 (79K)


2013060212 (99K)

Some anecdotes about the tune they played.

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