August 11th

Bysskallestämman in Ävkarleby August 19th 2012

bysskalle_2012_16 (107K)

Lot of players

bysskalle_2012_3 (126K)

Running to enjoy a good tune.

bysskalle_2012_2 (106K)

Lennart ask us about the starting-tune, and we answer a "G".

bysskalle_2012_10 (56K)

Some rain did not stop us. MrG indoors.

bysskalle_2012_14 (82K)

More indoor-players in the barn.

bysskalle_2012_5 (64K)

On stage 16:20.

bysskalle_2012_13 (78K)

Starting with Bysskalle twentyfive

bysskalle_2012_12 (64K)

...And this tune was called bjornes schottis.

bysskalle_2012_15 (87K)

Proud memory of this day

bysskalle_2012_11 (87K)

Caution! This is an big icecream.

bysskalle_2012_4 (35K)

Some have several instruments to choose.

bysskalle_2012_6 (110K)


bysskalle_2012_7 (101K)

Hasse still going strong.

bysskalle_2012_8 (102K)

People from Valleyriverside, playing givingtune. (Skänklåt)

bysskalle_2012_1 (146K)

Teamleader and Black Groose scientist playing GooseAnders

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