Bingsjöstämman June 28- July 2 2015

Most play ever! Players around us every minute. Good music and not so much sleep. Throw-polsks (slängpolskor) from Toivo. Lovelys basetunes from Amazones. Bison from Hawkeye. Great start from Startingssons.
Enjoy the pictures.

bingsjo_13 (396K)

Lets go!

bingsjo_4 (218K)

Time to travel. Sonic knows that something is going to happen and waiting near the car, so we cant miss him.

bingsjo_1 (273K)

We start with traditional dinner at the Startingtons residence. Good frost-bump, vine, and lot of tunes.

bingsjo_2 (226K)

Wallin and son, escape from trivial pursuit, and turned up in the evening.

bingsjo_3 (187K)

Polska to Wik is a hit.

bingsjo_6 (253K)

Monday. Morningplay. Mats, and some fellows from Skåne. Some clouds, but no rain.

bingsjo_8 (271K)

Amazone arrive and have a nyckelharpa for repairing. Plahn fixed it, and then we have a new nice base-sound.

bingsjo_9 (276K)

A few moments later Hawkeye, Princess and her friend come and we have a nice evening play, with not so many mosquitos as usual.

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bingsjo_10 (202K)

Tuesday morning. Sun, and warm winds come. Up early. Playing from ten a clock, just after breakfast.

bingsjo_5 (241K)

Time for bath. 19 degrees in the water! Some cant wait to play and bring the fiddles to the beach.

bingsjo_11 (238K)

This day was a marathon-play. Good old friends releaving from early morning until midnight.

bingsjo_12 (281K)

Mats, and Amazones.

bingsjo_14 (242K)

PO. Systerpolskor.

bingsjo_15 (265K)

Eve. Nice but it was a surprise when PO and Eve switch the for-tune in the middle.

bingsjo_16 (207K)

Wallin-Jernberg. Guess the tune I wish them to play......Right..Dekkens Storpolska.

bingsjo_17 (300K)

Fastreel like the tunes.

bingsjo_18 (250K)


bingsjo_191 (126K) bingsjo_192 (120K)

Sonic find the right place for pleasant scratch in the head. Just beneath Toivos bow.

bingsjo_20 (229K)

Evening. The mosquitos came, and the dresscode is veil.

bingsjo_21 (250K)

Ill Wicker. The border of folk and flower power pop.

bingsjo_22 (246K)

Wednesday. Morningplay.

bingsjo_26 (206K)

Powerwalk in the morning. Two weeks ago bears walk this track. Probably has the blaring music scared them away.

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bingsjo_27 (269K)


bingsjo_281 (102K) bingsjo_282 (143K)

Bagman and Anne

bingsjo_23 (403K)

Spelstugan rehearsel for tonight at Dansladu. Notice the dog entusiasm over the elk..

bingsjo_29 (337K)

Evening session with saxofon.

bingsjo_30 (247K)


bingsjo_32 (207K)

Players at the tun.

bingsjo_34 (282K)

Playcottage plays at Dansladu.

bingsjo_33 (201K)

Magic night.

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bingsjo_36 (232K)

Thursday. Hour of parting before the way home.

Music.... is life.