bike bing

It is not impossible to go from Uppsala to Bingsjö by bike. Actually there is only 210 kilometers. If you take two days for it would be really pleasant.

A friend weld together a guitarholder for the bike. I have a tent with me and took a rest nearby a lake in lumsheden. Some steep hills behind Enviken.

The most swedish thing is the pizzeria. Every little village have some of these restaurants. Foodstores are not so common. Konsum is just a memory from the past.

I was lucky and did not have any rain. The weather was sunny and warm. Six litres of water to drink each day.

It was some trouble to find the right way in the cities, like Sandviken and Falun but the inhabitants was helpful and give me the right direction. Maybe a GPS would solved this problem. After kungsgården everyone knew what bingsjö stand for.

bike bing
bike bing