Bingsjöstämman 2-4 July 2012

Highligt of the year. Three days of total playing everywhere and with everbody in Bingsjö. Sunny weather. More players and tent than last year. Friendly atmosphere. Uppsala spelstuga playing for dance at bystuge-banan, with great joy and energy. If you are going to only one spelmanstämma in your lifetime...this is it!

bingsjo_2012_1 (109K)

Pekkos tune

bingsjo_2012_2 (117K)

Princess, Fastreel and the Amazone, discuss the best sunprotector between two tunes.

bingsjo_2012_3 (93K)

The Amazone

bingsjo_2012_4 (129K)

Startingsson searching for a brewcoffee-holder. And find one in the caravan next door.

bingsjo_2012_5 (127K)


bingsjo_2012_6 (111K)

Playing From-Olles tolva. Mats (on the right) tells the story about this great player.

bingsjo_2012_7 (70K)

Footballcompetition. Princess searching for the ball.

bingsjo_2012_8 (97K)

Gnats! (Knott) The smallest and most numerous insect in Bingsjö. They hit you in the last verse, just before the tune is ending.

bingsjo_2012_10 (59K)


bingsjo_2012_9 (77K)

Breakfast-time at Guldkatts residence.

bingsjo_2012_11 (89K)

Princess of Milkyway.

bingsjo_2012_12 (116K)

Morningsession. Some tunes from Finland.

bingsjo_2012_13 (89K)

In the middle of the day, Skåne-tunes with Loose connections, Sigfrids, and Cittern-man.

bingsjo_2012_14 (76K)

After the bath in the cold lake, a screw cap of vodka to make the fingers work again.

bingsjo_2012_15 (137K)

The Field-man, give some advice about keyharp-building.

bingsjo_2012_17 (82K)

Tunes from Dalarna.

bingsjo_2012_18 (73K)

PlayingLovice and moneybridge-people.

bingsjo_2012_19 (88K)

Amazone, and Hawkeye.

bingsjo_2012_20 (81K)

Gnats-protecting. Burka-style.

bingsjo_2012_21 (92K)

You can also use a saudi-style to protect you.

bingsjo_2012_16 (62K)

Uppsala Spelstuga playing for dance at 22.45.

bingsjo_2012_23 (107K)

One hours rehearsel in the afternoon.

bingsjo_2012_24 (82K)


bingsjo_2012_25 (90K)


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